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Default fz-38 blurring

first post so.... oh, you know the rest!!

i've had my fz-38 just over a year now and while i am quite happy with it, the only problem i have is taking photos indoors with out the flash!! they always come out slightly blurred. any movement is always blurred. i have tried most of the "indoor" settings in the menus but still the same. if i use the flash, nice and sharp. i want to take photos at concerts without the flash so i can catch the coloured lights.

now, i do not understand anything at all about iso's, i.exposures or anything technical about cameras so could any answers please be in plain english?!?!

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This unfortunately is a week point of bridges.

See at indoor mode, your shutter stays open for a longer time. That is why you get excessive blurring at times.

Now here you have three options from here imho

1. Put it to iA mode and keep the flash closed. It would give you grainy pictures but at least blurring will be minimal

2. Put it to Shutter Priority (S) mode and keep the shutter to around 1/10-1/40 and the ISO to something like 400

Now to do this, turn your dial to S. When you press the joystick, you will see a figure in the lower center of the screen turn Yellow. Mostly it is something from 8 to 1/100

On your four way buttons on the back, you will have a button saying ISO. Press that to change the ISO to 400 or so.

3. The best and the most technical option :P

Keep it in manual mode. (M).

Press the joystick to highlight the number with F (F2.8 e.g.). Keep this to F2.8
Press it again to highlight the shutter speed. fix it to 1/20-1/40
Set the ISO to 200 or 400

You COULD use the high sensitivity mode but it will make it too grainy

I hope it helps
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thank you xHassan, i will give all three a try tomorrow.
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Another option is to use the 'High Sensitivity mode'

Set the camera to 'SCN' mode by turn the mode control knob on the top of the camera.

The LCD will show many choices, use 'Left, Right, Up, Down' buttons to highlight 'High Sensitivity' and push the menu/set button.

This mode drops the number of pixels the picture is made of to approx 3 million (depends on which picture ratio you have set in the main menu 16:9, 4:3 etc.) This size will allow you to print out 4 x 6 inch pictures ok.

In technical terms, the camera has made the sensor more sensitive, it pushes the ISO setting up to about 3200, and hence the shutter speed will be much quicker, which means less likely to get blurring, sounds too good to be true? yeah...... there are catches, many of options get disabled, but it works.

Give it a try, you have nothing to loose except the time it takes to practice a few shoots.
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cheers Square one, will add that to my list.
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