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Default FZ150 Question: Using a zoom H2 recorder as external mic

Hi all,

A newbie here. This is my first camera that cost me above $150. So I'm really a beginner. Now, I'd like to use this to shoot videos of me playing the piano. I'd like to use my zoom H2 recorder as the external mic for the FZ150 while it shoots videos. So here are some questions:

1) What connector will I need to buy to connect the H2 to the FZ150?
2) Will it detect it automatically or do I have to go to more trouble than that?
3) I've heard reports on other cameras that say that even while using an external mic, the camera's mic cannot be disabled and some automatic gain thing is active that adversely affects precision of the volume dynamics of the recording.Is this true of the FZ150 as well?

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I wouldn't bother trying to connect it. Start both the video and audio recorders separately, clap your hands (or use a clapper board like in the movies) and make the recording. Then use software like MS MovieMaker to remove the camera's audio and insert the audio from the Zoom, trim the movie, enter titles, etc. It's easy to synch them up if you have a loud and obvious clap as a starting point; that way you get the best of both devices.
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I agree with previous poster.
~ Marcus
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The manual doesn't specifically state that plugging in an external mic mutes the built-in mic. However, the manual does caution:

•When a stereo microphone other than the dedicated stereo microphone is used, it will not only malfunction, but may also cause damage, so do not use it.
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Definitely use the Zoom to record, then sync up as Tom and Marcus suggested. The Zoom will give you proper control over recording levels. I find the handclap technique works really well.

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