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Default Where to buy the DMC-FZ10?

I think I have decided that I will get the FZ10. And I have two places that sell it for the cheapest
for 499.95 and no shipping costs

price at 491.85 and shipping at 9.79 shipping (the price of shipping and of the product seems to change a lot)

So the price is fairly similar, and both companys seem to be good.
Anyone have any thoughts and experiences of either or both companies?

BTW, there is a really cheap camera bag for the camera https://emporium.olympus.com/innards...sku=108408-410 just under 5 dollars shipped
And according to the DPreview forums, it fits the DMC-FZ10 well.
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I'd like to make one suggestion before you buy it. Please ask the dealer what their return policy is. I'm certain you'll like it, but in the event you find something not as you expected it would be nice to have the return be as painless as possible.

Many people here have commented on the fine service Ritz Camera provides so perhaps you can check them also.
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I got mine on christmas from videodirect for $509.95(includes S&H)
I, however, placed the order over the phone, after making sure that they had the FZ10K in stock. I explicitly told them to accept my order IF and ONLY IF they had the camera in stock. They confirmed that they indeed had the camera in stock. And I had my camera within the week via UPS ground.

However, I also told them I needed a 64mb panasonic SD card shipped with the camera, and that they should take this SD card order only if you have the SD card in stock. They confirmed that the card is in stock and will arrive with the camera.

When I got my camera, I did not recieve the SD card. So I rationalized that they must not have the card in stock. My credit card was also not charged for the SD card.

But surprise, when I recieved my SD card on 19-January-2004.
I however, had already purchased a 256mb Simpletech ProX SD card from BJ's wholesale and no longer needed the 64mb card.

I wrote back to Videodirect regarding this matter and they have agreed to accept the card back with return shipping paid for.

So all in all, not a bad customer experience.
Just don't expect them to be the best and you will not be disappointed.

PS: The worst part about them is that they do not provide a tracking number of the shipment. I think they should at least take that effort of sending out an email with the tracking number. They in fact did not provide me one even when I called them up. Their reply was "They do not give us a tracking number". I was like "who is "THEY" ? Don't you ship your products yourselves?
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Default FWIW

I bought mine from onecall , I would give them a call and ask for their best price as they seem to give a better price over the phone or with their Live Help.
That said I got my daughter a Fuji S3000 from digital Foto Club and had no problems at all. If they are the best price you can get I would not hesitate to buy from them.
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I got my FZ10 from Onecall also and I have ordered other products from them before and been happy with their service. Prices do drop for short times. Asking for best price is good advice.

As far as a camera bag goes, I have my FZ10 in the new style LowePro Nova Mini AW that I bought from a local camera shop. I think it's great. It holds all accessories and is only a little bigger than the Tamrac Minizoom 14 that holds my SLR. One nice thing about the LowePro Nova Mini AW is that it has velcro'd dividers that snug up the fit quite nicely. The bag protects the camera very well.
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Thanks for the input.

I ordered two of the Olympus cases (who could resist? $8.5 for two cases) and the Panasonic DMC-FZ10 (black) from http://www.videodirectstore.com

From what I heard Olympus ships really fast. And I videodirect seems to be fairly standard on shipping.
So I'll have the items within a couple weeks

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