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Default Trying to understand (Panasonic) SD cards

If I look at the Panasonic site it lists one type of 256 or 512 SD card
it is either the RPSDH256-U1A or RPSDH512-U1A and list them both at 10mb/s transfer rate. but at the dealers where I can find those cards they list them as 2/3mb/s. Now I have a 256 card that the package clearly is marked as 10 mbs but the card itself says nothing.
But that card is clearly faster than a 10 mbs DaneElectric card that I also have. I would like to have a 512 mb card but I hate to get one that is slower than my Panasonic card. The slow that I am speaking of is the write speed after a 5 shot burst 2 seconds vs 8 seconds for the Daneelectric card.
I just can not get this clear in my head. Thanks
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Default Panasonic SD card speed

Apparently, all Panasonic SD cards with capacities of 256 MB and up are high-speed cards (about 10MB/sec nominal, which translates to about 6.6-7MB/sec actual transfer rate). Their 128 MB and smaller cards are slower (about 3.5MB/sec actual transfer rate), but still faster than some other brands' "normal speed" cards.

Some dealers just say that all of these cards are 2MB/sec, regardless of their capacity, but that is incorrect.

Some other manufacturers correctly identify their cards' speeds, often using the same kind of descriptions that CD drives use: 32x, 65x, etc. "65x" seems to be the same as "10 MB/sec". And, some manufacturers just give their high speed cards a special name: SanDisk makes two speeds of 256 MB SD cards; the "Ultra" series are the high speed ones (about the same speed as the high speed Panasonics), while the regular ones that most stores carry are 2 MB/sec cards (slower than Panasonic's smaller capacity cards).

You will only see the speed difference under two conditions: the delay after taking a "burst" in the camera, and the time it takes to transfer the images from the card to the computer when using a USB 2.0 reader connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer. For single-frame shots, there doesn't seem to be any delay difference in the cameras; and when using a USB 1.1 path to transfer images to the computer, the USB speed is barely faster than the slow cards' speeds, so it can't use a fast card's capabilities.

Finally, if you shop around, you can find the Panasonic 256MB SD cards at prices that are similar to other brands' fast card prices; and they're often only $10-15 more than the slow speed 256MB cards. http://www.jandr.com and http://www.onecall.com usually have the 256MB Panasonic SD cards for $80.
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I hate replies like mine, but J&R had the 256MB Sandisk Ultra II for $65 after a $15 rebate. That was actually cheaper than they sell the 2MB/sec card. The last day to qualify for the rebate was Jan 31. The olny reason I'm bringing this up is that Sandisk has released their 1GB SD card, so I would expect to see the prices of smaller cards start to creap down over the next few months, at least I'm sure we are all hoping this will be the case.
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Default simple tech

From what I have read in other posts, the Simpletech card is a rebaged Panasonic, If so this should be a great deal. I see that on the first page it is listed as 2/3 mb/s but if you look at the picture it is 10mb/s , which is why I am wondering what you get if purchased.


Thanks Gene
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