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Default FZ10 At Night?

I would be interested in hearing from FZ10 users about the camera's ability to take night shots.

I find most of my pictures are night or twilight scenes where I use a shutter speed of 1 - 2 seconds.

I believe the FZ10 2" TFT does not work in low light on manual, is this correct?

I was also wondering at what shutter speed is a tripod required with this camera - how far down the scale is the IS useful?

I am looking to buy an FZ10 - if not I'll probably go for the C-750UZ.

All comments welcome.
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To the best of my knowledge (and my testing of the camera at Ritz Camera) the LCD does NOT brighten up under dark lighting in manual.
You can get around this by setting what you want in manual mode, flip it over to automatic, set up the shot, switch back to manual, and take it (a bit time consuming, but it is still possible)

With the little bit of testing I did on the camera at the store, I doubt that the IS would be good enough for a 2 second shutter speed. But if you have a really steady hand then it is much more possible with the FZ10 than with the 750UZ.

While I don't know any technical stuff about the IS, I believe you could do handheld shots for nearly everything with a 1/25 or quicker shutter speed. However my testing is very limited.

Just wondering, what kind of shots would one do often that would require the long zoom and at night?

P.S. I order the DMC-FZ10 a few days ago. I hope to get it in a couple days
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I've taken handheld pics at shutter speeds of up to 1/4 of a sec. (a couple of 1/3.2 shots looked decent as well). Max with full zoom appears to be around 1/20 of a sec.

Important thing I suppose is to put your left hand underneath the lens, to provide a bit of a steady platform for it but you probably already knew that.
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Thanks for the comments.

Most of the pictures I take tend to be buildings and streets under low light conditions - I don't have anywhere to post these at the moment but its similar stuff to this site: http://gallery.captured4ever.co.uk/ though not as good.

I would be interested in the FZ10 if it had 8X zoom - the IS holds much appeal, however for my night shots I'll still need a tripod - may as well get the 750 then.

Is there a useful night mode on the FZ10? I know there is 'Night Portrait' - doubt this would do what I want though.

The main problem (apart from the display thing) is the size - no more "I'll stick the camera in my pocket just in case I see anything interesting" scenarios.

I can see myself ending up with 3 cameras:

FZ10 for the long range shots in good light conditions (and very good video)

750UZ for everything else

Pentax 555 (or my Canon S200) to stick in the pocket when I don't want to know I'm carrying a camera around.

I think I'll get an FZ10 - it just seems like a flawed gem, whereas the 750 is a more complete but less spectacular package.
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Doesnít seem you would want both the FZ10 and 750. You canít put the 750 in your pocket and the FZ10 is light for its size. Steve says a major manufacturer is about to release a stabilized long zoom digicam. You might wait and see if it would fill both requirements.

The stabilization works throughout the range and gives excellent available light shots at wider angles. It makes for a better GP camera than the 750 IMO. In well lighted rooms you can get pictures without flash and generally have more versatility with the stabilization. I found a fanny pack that my FZ10 fits into snugly and donít find it that much hassle to carry. I do have a pocket camera I carry everywhere though. I prefer carrying it in a little belt pouch rather than my pocket. The Pentax 550/555 wasnít available when I bought my Oly C50 or I would have gotten the Pentax Ė nice choice for a carry everywhere camera.

With your preference for night shots you might look at an Ultrapod tabletop tripod for your pocket camera. It weighs only 2 oz and fits in your pocket. It has a Velcro strap that lets you attach it to anything handy like poles, benches etc. Costs $10 online. Beats trying to find something flat to sit the camera on. I use it often with my little Oly.

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