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Default FZ38 Lens hood and flash


It's been nearly 2 years since my last post here, and was busy with so many other things that kept me from posting or taking time to make photos of nature, insects and other things around us. I will try to post a few photos soon again, but while on holiday, I noticed I forgot how or when to use a specific filter like (ND4, ND8, polar etc.), and felt bit bad about it hehe.

Anyways, what I also forgot to take with me, is what this topic is about. I lost my lens hood that came with the camera, and am looking for a new one (just for the normal 46mm thread). I was looking on ebay, as I've read and heard that the brand won't make much of a difference. It's the size that worries me most actually, and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on that.

I was thinking about buying something like:



Would that suffice, or should I go for something else? I somehow prefer a rubber one, as I would be able to collapse it and put it in my camera bag without taking more space than available .

Also, I took some photos at the sunset, I failed dramatically in taken a good photo on which the colors were brilliant (perhaps my settings), and when I wanted to take a photo of my GF or us together (using a tripod), the flash just wasn't bright enough, which made me consider getting a slave flash unit. I read some good reviews about the Metz C-28, and might get that one, but would appreciate feedback or info from you guys. Always makes one feel better and more sure about things.

One of the results I have been able to make with the build-in flash is this: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.n...77792988_n.jpg

The only drawback is that the camera had to be located very very close to us, otherwise the flash wasn't powerful enough.

Thanks for any help in advance
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I don't think the screw on type hoods will work with the FZ38 if it's like my old FZ28.

When the lens retracts or cycles it retracts inside the lens tube. If I remember right, even some 46mm filters could jam. If you needed to step-up, we had to use an empty 46mm filter ring to get clearance.

We couldn't add something temporarily only when on, as the lens would occassionally cycle in some modes or if you switched to review.

For some reason, I think the only hood that works is the OEM type.

I think the body mount is an odd size like 55.6mm, but a 55mm hood might work if you're careful. I tried to come up with something different for my FZ28 at one time, but the only thing that worked right was the original 2 piece setup.

I use the collapsible hoods with legacy primes on my m4/3, but they seemed too abusive to expand and contract on my zoom lenses, so I went back to the originals for the autofocus zooms.
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Hmm...it's better not to attach it directly to the lens then, and you are right about the size of the body. I've got the adapter ring attached to my camera, and I think i'll try to take a look somewhere for a replacement, whether it's OEM, or a good replica with the proper thread size.

Thank you for your input
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