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G'day O-99

I empathise with you re- the peer and advertising pressures that you are experiencing > the thing to remember is that "it is the advertiser's job to promote FUD .... Fear - Uncertainty & Doubt" and so 99% of 1st-time purchasers of anything larger than a pocket-sized compact are directed to a dSLR and shown the "luxury" of getting extra lenses ... and more lenses ... and more accessories > and they're told that it is the way to go. Ha Ha Ha

The FZ series of cameras are arguably the best superzooms on the market, although like many things, other brands have bits 'n pieces that may be 'better'

I would continue doing what you are currently doing and work on your editing skills 'cos your camera work seems okay to me. I would also continue shooting in jpg format till you become convinced that raw can do anything a bit better. [I don't use raw either]
ps- if you wish to, have a sqwiz at my flickr stuff for my superzoom pics
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
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Thanks again for all the replies, after reading all the replies and giving it some thought I think I'm going to sell my FZ35 and may also sell the FZ47 and buy a FZ200. Let them carry around all their expensive lenses, I'm sticking with a super zoom just the best one this time. I went today to look at the FZ200 but no one locally carries them that I have found just yet, why is this, found the Canon, Fuji and Nikon super zooms but no Panny.
One question does the FZ200 come with a video (Composite) cable like the FZ35 did? I have a DVD writer that I use to make quick and easy DVD's strait from the camera. I'm guessing no just like the FZ47 (has video output but no cable included).

Thanks again!
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My guess is that it does not come with an AV cable (Boo....) as it's listed on the "optional accessories" page on the Panasonic website...
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As far as software, thanks to a member here; I downloaded Photoscape. This is a free program that has a lot of great features in it!

~Pentax K10D~
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