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Default Best FZ200 price online from Reputable Seller?

Hello Panasonic Photog Aficionados!

Happy New Year to you all.

Btw, I am currently driving an FZ50 with FZ30 as backup.

I tried the FZ150 but was underwhelmed by it (chiefly Fstop to only F8)
but did enjoy the 24 X aspect of it.

I am considering a purchase of the FZ200.

I have a few questions for you FZ200 owners about the camera:

How is battery life in cold weather? With FZ50, I keep an extra battery in my pocket on cold weather days and often need it even when keeping fz50 inside coat between shots.

Amazon had a great price on it then went to full retail price after Christmas now down to $549. Any other REPUTABLE sellers with a better price?

I do check resellerratings.com before I make a purchase from any new seller esp the low-ball sellers.

If you have an FZ50 or 30, how does noise at ISO 100-400 compare with FZ200.

Does anyone know if firmware has been updated for FZ200 since its release in August, 2012? If so, what did firmware update fix or improve?

Perhaps, if the member "Panasonic Technician" still frequents this forum, perhaps she/he has some answers also.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Also, I wondered why a woodpecker was way up in uppermost branches of a tree yesterday...now I know why - heavy crop, heavy post process just to get these FZ50 pics on a flat, overcast day.

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Default buying FZ200

I paid $499 with free shipping from J&R Camera. I also ordered a tiffen uv filter and the cheap replacement battery, which was defective. I returned the cheepo battery to them and the refund applied to a panasonic battery.

I did manage to run out of battery on a bird watching trip to McAllen Tx, but I also took some video and did a lot of playback and deleting trying different settings and learning the camera, so a spare battery is a good idea.
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I believe Amazon will have it for less than $499 within the next month or two. Once we get to tax season, sales tend to slow down so they lower prices to boost sales.

The FZ30/50 were great cameras with the exception of their poor handling of high ISO (common weakness of most old Panasonic models e even some new ones). I don't have either model nor I have the FZ200 but considering how much technology has evolved since the FZ50 was released, I have very little doubt that the FZ200 won't outperform both models.

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Today I came across this site...


It seems a bit too good to be true, so I checked the site on Resellerratings.com and they have an 8.67 score with lots of very positive feedback.

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