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Default FZ10 Camera Bags

Hello, I have an FZ10 now (yaaaay) and need a bag for it.
Does it matter how the camera is stored in the bag? Some people have lens down, some have lens up, some have lens forward, etc. Any risk of damage by having it a certain way?
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That would greatly depend on the bad and the amount of padding. If the bag has less padding, I would prefer to store the camera on it's bottom or side, and would definitely never position it with either the lens or the LCD at the bottom of the bag. However, if the bag is well padded, it probably wouldn't matter how you stored it.
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I needed a camera bag that was small enough to hang on a backpack belt for immediate retrieval. I found that most were way too big and bulky; I finally settled on the LowePro Nova Micro AW (All-Weather, with a built-in cover stashed away in a zip compartment on the bottom). It's $24.95 at B & H Photo. The FZ10K fits perfectly with the lens hood on and the lens pointed down --- and, as Chris says, I would never have the lens resting on the bottom by itself but in this case the lens hood protects it. There's plenty of zip pockets for the batteries, SD cards, etc. The Nova bag is still bigger than I was hoping for but let's face it, the Fluzi IS a big camera compared to the other ultrazooms out there. I think it'll be fine for my needs.
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I donít like carrying a bag or putting one over my shoulder. I have a little belt pouch for my C50 which I carry everywhere and a pricey fanny pack for the D7i. The FZ10 wouldnít fit into my D7i fanny pack so I picked one up at the flea market.

I glued dense foam from a mouse pad in the bottom and slid a trimmed down mouse pad in the back pocket so it would be more comfortable against my body. I also put some in the first front pocket as I decided my manual wasnít enough protection. I can get at the camera quickly with the big zip around flap if I donít wear the bag too tightly around my waist. It works well for me although it isnít waterproof. I might carry a small plastic bag to put over it in case of rain.

The whole rig cost $5 and I am quite pleased with it. The camera is in the bag in the photo laying on its side.

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