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Default FZ10 experiences on Portrait or Weddings?

First an Agfa 1.3Mp (4 years ago)
then a Sony (Taken back after 3 weeks)
and a trusty Kodak DX4900 for the last 2 years - It's been used for literally 1000's of shots, generally with good results (improvement with experience).

And now an FZ10 since December (Santa was nice). Thoroughly enjoyable and so much to learn still.

What are your experiences using the FZ10 for Portraits or Weddings? (good, bad, ugly, Tips & Techniques)
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Default Re: FZ10 for portraits and weddings

For portraits up to 6-8 feet away, the built-in flash should be fine. If the room has a LOT of lighting, so that you won't need a flash at all, just experiment a bit with White Balance before taking the real pictures.

For indoor pictures under any other conditions, I'd suggest getting a good external flash. Then, put the camera's External Flash setting at "Manual", shoot at ISO 50 (or 100 if necessary), use Shutter Priority and a shutter speed of 1/1000 to 1/2000, and use Auto White Balance. If ambient lighting permits, use auto-focus.

Then, take some test shots in rooms and conditions similar to the ones in which you'll be taking the actual pictures, and be sure to look at them on the computer and to print a couple of them to make sure you're getting satisfactory exposure and color balance.
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I used my Uzi (Oly C2100uz) for a couple of weddings. In particular, for one held outside, the results were spectacular and preferred to the prints produced by the expensive official photographer. This because I was able to take “close-ups” of the bride and groom as a result of the x10 zoom and because I was able to remove objectionable objects, like people’s heads, in the foreground. So the moral of the tale is use that long zoom on the FZ10 to take “close up” shots from far away.

Being able to subtly reduce signs of age of some of the older relatives seems appreciated too. A wrinkle here, 10lb there. Taking several hundred free shots gives you a lot more choice than the film guys have as well. I find I have a higher percentage of shots from the FZ10 that are out of sharp focus, so be warned. In that kind of situation you don’t have time to check each shot after you take it.
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I took about 400 pics at my brothers wedding. Of them I got about 350 good pics (pretty good percentage IMO). The church did not allow flash during the ceremony and the lighting was really dim. I hand held the camera from my seat on the second pew. Aside from people movement causing blur, the pics were sharp and in focus. The camera didn't seem to have much problem focusing either. There were a couple of times that it didn't want to focus and I just refocused on another spot (arm or chest) and recomposed shot after the focus locked. I had to brighten about 50% of the low light shots in PSP 8, but overall I was satisfied with the camera performance. If I had had more experience with the camera (got it 2 weeks before the wedding), I could have probably done better. I was really worried after reading some posts about poor low-light focusing and bad indoor shots, but the camera really came through for me. If I had online storage, I would certainly let you see them.
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