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Default Replacement for Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3

Here's the story: My wife has the DMC-ZS3, which needs a repair that would be about $100.

I have the DMC-ZS7, which I love.

If I do not repair the 3 then I need to get an alternative.

I cannot find the 3 anywhere; the 7 is available for >$550.

All the reviews I have read for the later models, (20, 25, 30) indicate that the low-light image quality and video image quality went down on the newer models.

My wife really likes this camera and is used to it, which is why I really want to stick with this line. What about the models that fell in between?

I am particularly curious about the 8 or the 10, which I can still get at a reasonable price.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Both the TZ7 (ZS3) and the TZ10 (ZS7) are "getting on a bit" and I'd be surprised if you could find ANY of this model anywhere..!
There have been several TZ/ZS models since the two mentioned, the latest being the TZ40 (ZS30).
To be frank,none of the TZ/ZS have ever been low light performers- (a 1/2.3" sensor and a compact high zoom lens is not a good recipe for low light use...) though I'd suggest the later models are certainly no worse than their predecessors (I've owned the TZ7 and 10)- probably better if you compare images at equal resolution.
That said, the TZ/ZS line would still be the way I'd go for a high zoom compact- as they're well made and I like their layout/menu's- and I'd be looking for a TZ30 (ZS20) as they're heavily discounted since the introduction of the TZ40/ZS30- a model that has extra features which I could live without and whilst I'll reserve judgement on the TZ40's IQ (as I haven't viewed test images...), 18mp resolution on a small sensor kinda concerns me a bit..!!
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