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Originally Posted by paulmj
On the other hand, no one ever bought an expensive camera because there was a case available. Matshusita is an electronics company and probably felt that they wouldn't enhance nor discourage the sales of their cameras whether or not they had a Made in China case.
This has not been my experience with selling four digital cameras on eBay or even buying cameras myself (both used and new). I love getting a custom case with a camera or at least finding one is available, and my winning bid for my auctions is as much as double what other sellers of the exact camera are getting with the only difference being I included a case and a couple other VERY cheap accessories. People like accessories, like for it to have the logo of the camera, and like it even more when the accessories are "included" with the camera package (even if they end up really paying for it in the end). All that being said, the FZ cameras do come well accessorized already (AC adapter, neck strap, battery, lens adapter/hood, etc.), but a case would be additional "wow" factor, especially for amateurs or newbies.

I would have rather seen the cameras be $50 more in price and include more customer accessories. Thinking about it from Panasonic's point of view, wouldn't they rather have the extra $50 rather than just giving it to LowePro, Targus, etc.? Plus, Panasonic is just really starting to make a dent in the digicam industry -- a good choice of genuine accessories would look like they really mean to stay in the game.

Just my opinion/experiece...I'm sure there are just as many people who want to pick out their own case rather than being "stuck" with what the Panasonic design team felt was best in a case.
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Default LowePro Z40 as an alternative

It took me about two weeks to find this bag. It fits great and will work on your belt. The camera sits vertically on its left side and gets in and out fairly well. It is about $15. Here is a source (I did not get mine from here but found it locally at Van's)


Good Luck,

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If you don't mind having your camera in a case proudly displaying the Olympus name, this is an unbeatable deal. I have this bag and the camera fits quite well.
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I got my Olympus bag today. But with this bag on my belt clip i notices it has a tendency to open itself with the weight of the camera and to prevent fall i wanted camera strap on my neck but FZ10 strap is not that long i could keep the camera in the bag and strap around my neck so i would not use this bag again
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Default Zing Cover and the FZ10

I just received a Zing Action Cover (standard size) that I won in an Ebay auction and I'm pretty pleased. I was looking for a cover that would protect the camera and would prevent camera swing while I was hiking/backpacking. I think this Zing Action Cover will do the trick.

The standard size fits the FZ10 w/its standard lens hood attached . I think the cover is going to provide ample shock protection and a fair amount of protection from precipitation and dust. The one-piece neoprene case wraps around the camera (under the bottom and over the top) and 'latches' under the lens/hood protubrence. There is a removable elastic strap that connects to the case which keeps the camera tucked into your mid-section while the camera itself hangs by whatever strap is attached to it. It feels pretty comfortable and will feel even better once I replace the FZ's standard neck strap. The cover and the waist strap are barely noticable.

To use the camera, pull the cover back, i.e., unlatch the wrap-around and lift the camera out of the cover. The cover stays in place at your mid-section thanks to the waist strap while the camera is secure on its neck strap. It looks like its going to work fine without interfering with shoulder straps or hip belts from packs. Many online stores sell it for $29.95 but you can beat that in the frequent Ebay auctions.

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