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Default Until The Firmware Upgrade

Sorry about the "Hornet's Nest" stirred in my previous question about the upgrade, but I suppose it is best to air one's views.
One of my disappointments with the FZ10 is the compression of the file [the other being the noise], having played around with a Canon G5 for a while before buying the Panasonic, but I have asked the question : Could I loose the "call up whenever you need it "12 x Zoom ....... NO !!!

Back to my point : I know [a little] that with Jpeg compression, information is removed from the file, and obviously, cannot be put back, but I have tried a few things. Taking a shot in the lowest compression/highest quality mode, then increasing the size of the image, using ACDsee [or any other software] DRAMATICALLY improves the quality of the clarity and sharpness of the picture. The sizes I have tested are first from normal to 300% increase, then to 500%, and then scrolling between the three pictures, one sees a Distinctive improvement in the picture. OK, the file size increases from +- 1.5 megs to 6.5 mb and 11 mb respectively, but with storage devices being as large as they are today, size doesn't really matter [my wife looking at me sideways in disagreement] I have also tried converting the image to Tiff or BMP format, but with little or no improvement. I have taken the same image[s] and used various sharpening, clarifying filters, but without the same improvement. So my suggestion is, until Panasonic are able and willing to GIVE [had to put that in !] us the option of little or no compression, which would be the better option, our images can be improved by resizing. I don't print my images, but I am sure that for those who do will also find that the prints will be significantly improved.

Another question : WHEN Panasonic decide to put out a firmware upgrade, how does one install it ??. I have done various firmware upgrades on my PC equipment, but the camera is a separate piece of equipment to the PC. Is it done via the USB connection, running an .exe [ Just curious]

Thanks for a great forum The Pegg
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Firmware upgrades are normally done from the SD card. After the firmware has been copied to the SD card the camera is powered up, in a specific mode or my pressing certain buttons wwhile powering up the camera. It varies from model to model. Our process is similar to other cameras.

Right now, it's been our policy that such upgrades are only offered to correct "bugs" that mayhave slipped by during testing. In Japan we know that a firmware upgrade was offered for the FZ1 through dealers for an upgrade charge.

While many companies do offer similar upgrades at no charge, other companies such as Minolta also charge for feature set upgrades. While I have my opinions, officially this is a marketing issue which I have no place or right to comment on.

To date this update has not been offered to US customers. And though no decision has been made, by no means should anyone conclude it won't be. There are issues that need to be resolved and these are being studied.
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Hi Bob,

I just thought this thread needs to come back towards the top.

There has been persistent moaning that there will be no Firmware upgrade for the FZ10. Your explanation here is about as clear as it could be on the possibility for such an upgrade, the reasons why it would be a possibility and how the process would work.

Personally I'd like to see upgrades available for the camera as it evolves in the production cycle, however, I don't know what hardware has been used in the construction of the camera. If the Software can be tweaked to provide better performance, I believe it would be in Panasonic's best interest to make such an upgrade available.

If the development cycle of the FZ10 has halted and efforts are beign focused on newer products, it would then be understandable that such an upgrade would never come to fruition.

In today's day and age with ISO and their mandate for 'continuous improvement' I expect that our customer feedback is being considered...although it seems that many don't understand the massive costs involved for development and distribution of this type of upgrade.

How many people here that are wanting a FREE upgrade now are running on a Windows based PC platform...a buggy DOS based release intially, that is still quirky after nearly 20 years....and have had to PAY for each successive upgrade that MS has released. MS has been *generous* in releasing service packs' that fix security issues and fill gaping holes in product functionality...but then again..that could be like the bug-fixes that Bob was referring to...

There MAY be an upgrade, there may not be..in the meantime does anyone else know of any camera that has even close to these capabilities at this price point?

There is always room for improvement....if there wasn't then our economy would collapse..no one would work because we'd all have perfect products that never required fixing or replacing...
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