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Default OIS comparison - Panasonic ZS25 vs ZS30 vs ?

Hello all, I am new here and have a question. I am looking for a a digicam to film 720p and 1080p video in-car while auto racing. Other than the GoPro Hero 3, I believe the Panasonic ZS series are the best option for this - good file sizes & compatibility, full 30 minute recording time, decent price, compact. If anyone has other suggestions for models I welcome them.

Here is an example of what I will be doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeLj7iW_d_U

I previously had a ZS19 and I used it in my car when doing this. The problem was when recording video the OIS didn't work too well, so I'd get a bit of shake. I frankly didn't check if OIS was enabled because well I never could find that setting. I presume it was by default.
Regardless, my camera was stolen, so I'm about to buy another one. Keep in mind I already have a GoPro Hero 3 Black and it is spectacular, but would like a standard digicam for images and video inside the car as well.

The ZS19's OIS (POWER O.I.S.) apparently is different from the ZS25 (MEGA/POWER O.I.S. with Active Mode) which is different from the ZS30 (HYBRID O.I.S.).

Here are the official descriptions of the various versions:

My question is, are there any real world differences among these cameras in an in-car racing situation like I described above? Anyone know the differences? I currently can get the ZS25 for $125 less than the ZS30. The primary reason I would do that is for the OIS. The wifi and NFC would be useful but not critical. The improved performance in other areas would hardly be noticed.
If anyone has an resources to help ascertain the differences I woul dbe very grateful.

Thank you!
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Thanksgiving bump. I suspect nobody really knows the real world differences with the OIS offerings out there. I did find some examples on youtube but not with the cameras above nor head to head comparisons...
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Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry I'm not familiar with either camera; but hopefully someone here is, and will stop by to help you out!

~Pentax K10D~
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I think Panasonics own description of each system is pretty self explanatory- and whilst I have no doubt each new subsequent system is indeed better- it might be difficult to ascertain by how much..!
I would imagine car racing would be one of the more difficult scenarios for any camera- with various G Forces at work and engine vibrations- never mind any shunt you may encounter..!

It certainly isn't my area of expertise, but if I was to be video recording in a similar scenario- I'd be looking for a very simple lens mechanism and a camera of robust construction. An effective stabilizer is one thing- but I wouldn't imagine a two or three piece zoom lens mechanism rattling around would help matters..!

Possibly one of the latest waterproof/rugged type cameras might be a better proposition..?
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