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Default Replacement Battery for FZ-35(FZ-38)

Hello everyone, the time for my annual trip to Mt. Olympus has come and I was searching for a backup battery so that I can take more than enough photos without worrying about the battery. Since there is no plug on the shelter in the woods I decided to purchase a 2nd battery. I chose a low cost battery because the original one was too expensive for me at the moment. Here is the one I chose http://veikals.bfs.lv/images/product...006-710mah.jpg its from Eneride. Characteristics are 7.4Volts (instead of 7.2V of the original) and 710mAh(instead of 695mAh) so there is no big difference between them. As for the quality of course I dont expect it to be as good as the original but I will wait until I test it out. One problem that I had and some other people had too with these "low cost" replacements was that at first when I charged it the charger was flashing which means either not good contact or non compatible/defective battery but after a while I realized that the contacts were really tight. What you need to do is either loosen it up yourself by pushing a pin between them or just push it in and out a couple of times. It worked for me and for now its behaving pretty well.
Sorry for the long post but I just want to share this in case someone wants to buy something similar I will come back with the results on the performance and some pretty neat photos after the trip.

P.S. I forgot to mention the price which was 14 euros which is kind of "expensive" for this battery but i needed it in a short time so i purchased it from a local dealer.
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G'day mate

My local internet site for batteries is ...

and the price for the FZ35 battery is $A20 ... about 14-15 euro

I have used this mob half-a-dozen times for different batteries for different cameras and always had good results

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