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Old Mar 2, 2004, 10:13 PM   #1
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Default PVC cover for FZ10 ?Any comments BOB

I have an FZ10 and I have not used it as much as i would have liked.
Mainly because of ease or difficulty of carrying it around. I dont feel comfortable carrying the camera bag large or small and it is just not convienient.
I had an old slr which had a PVC cover covering the camera and i could just hang my camera arround my neck and not worry about it. Now i have to think about the LCD if i just hang arround my neck without any cover. Some one suugested in another thread an Olympus bag but as i mentioned in an earlier post it was just not safe and having a pouch(it had no strap) arround your belt was awkward as it is a big camera.

I wonder why some one or PANASONIC can't design a custom made bag as then it would be a BIT more safe to carry the camera arround your neck and will have some protection instead of none and it will be great advertisement for PANASONIC. Now if i take my camers inside an Olympus bag or a lowproe etc whose name i advertise?
Just a thought
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Old Mar 3, 2004, 7:48 AM   #2
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Anytime you add the word "custom", you add development and production cost. Though I'm not in marketing, I do understand that you'd have to sell a huge quantity to cover the development cost before you can even think of a profit.

I agree with you about carrying a camera bag. I've done it but I generally find that I seldom use the accessories the bag holds. Personally I just have a cameraa strap and hang it on my shoulder.
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Default Re: bags for FZ10

Many camera bags are available that are just the right size for the FZ10. Other than the lack of a "Panasonic" or "Lumix" Logo, they might just as well be custom bags. Generally, they're designed for small SLR's or large digitals. They're well padded, weather-resistant, have collapsable inside & outside pockets to hold batteries, spare cards, a cleaning cloth, a lens pen, a UV filter, and even a small flash and tiny tripod or bean bag.

Some have straight sides, others are tapered for the long lens. They have shoulder straps, carry handles, and belt loops. Some are made by Tamarac, some by Lowepro, and others by manufacturers whose names I don't recall.

These bags cost $20-25 and are available everywhere: Long's drug stores, Walgreen's drug stores, Target, Best Buy, even Office Depot.

Currently, I have two such bags: one straight-sided and one tapered (both made by Tamarac, but that's coincidental). At first, I was using the smaller, tapered one, but as time went by, decided the straight-sided one, while a bit larger, was better because it was stable (didn't fall over) when put down.

Obviously, a bag is bulkier than just the camera, but, to me, it's the second-most important accessory for any camera (the camera strap is the most important accessory).
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 9:28 AM   #4
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Can anyone tell me if "Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW" is suiteble for the FZ10 (just the camera) and if you can carry it in an ordinary belt?
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Old Mar 5, 2004, 8:33 PM   #5
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Thanks Bob,
I think from a purely commercial stand point either providing a good quality cover with the camera or arranging for another company to make the cover is not cost productive especially already for the price this camera provides a lot.
Will add though if either through the firmwareupdate or a second generation camera an uncompressed support would go a long way and this camera IMHO will surpass many in the field.
I guess now it is upto independent companies like Lowpro etc to come up with variety of camers covers which can go with different cameras. Infact if a company starts producing such covers for the hot sellers they will make alot of money.
Thanks again
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