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Default FZ10 Problematic Review in Washington Post

The "Camera Works" column in the Wash. Post contained the following (puzzling)
review of the FZ10, esp. problems with the OIS system.
"...the new camera falls short because its image stabilizing capability seems pallid by comparison to that of the old camera. [FZ1]." This does seem to an atypical problem, no? I really want to like (and maybe buy) the FZ10. I respect Mr. Van Riper's ability
and enjoy his column, but convince me that the OIS works as advertised. http://<a href="http://www.washingto....htm</a><br />
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All I can tell is that I've taken non-zoom handheld shots at shutter speeds of up to 1/4 of a sec. 12x Zoom was no problem at 1/25 of a sec. Would any FZ1 users like to chime in and add their experiences with the "old" OIS?
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All the reviews I've read have praised the FZ10's OIS system, so I wouldn't be overly worried about this one. This is a case of someone comparing a camera they're familiar with to a new one, I doubt you'll have a problem if you've not used the FZ1.
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If the FZ1's OIS is better than the FZ10 (which I own) then the FZ1 has a freakin awesome OIS.

I can't compare as I don't have the FZ1, but I have no complaints at all with the OIS of the FZ10. It does an amazing job.

Try getting your hands on a FZ10 at some local store, and see if it works for you.
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Yesterday I spoke with Frank Van Riper who wrote the review in the Washington Post. While we’ve never met, we’ve spoken on the telephone and exchanged numerous e-mails so we aren’t strangers. I asked him about the circumstances that led to his comments. I also explained that both the FZ1 and FZ10 use the same motion sensors (2). They certainly are not “a separate system” from each other.

He commented that after searching the Internet, he found one comment from an FZ10 user who had a similar problem. It was direct user feedback and not a formal review from a magazine or web site. I’d hate to think he formed his conclusion on that one comment.

Fred is a pretty reputable guy with many years of experience in film photography. I suggested that he review comments on this site as well as others where many positive comments about the FZ10’s OIS can be found.

Overall, I was happy with the review; we can’t expect a perfect score every time. I do think it’s a fine example that shows how you can’t take any review literally.
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The FZ10 might not be the perfect camera – one doesn’t exist. But the stabilization works very well.

I haven’t used mode 1 much as mode 2 is supposed to be a little stronger and it helps me to work on stabilizing the camera since it doesn’t stabilize the viewfinder before the shot like mode 1. So I can speak only for mode 2, but that works very well.

I haven’t become good enough to get really sharp shots at 1/4 second, but 1/8 is no problem and I have a few at 1/6 that can blow up reasonably well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people pick up on the review and pass it around as fact. Before long it can be a “known fact” that the stabilization is poor on the FZ10 despite it not being true. I’ve seen it happen too many times.
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