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Default Stuck pixel on LCD...

I just purchased an FZ-10. The large LCD display has a dead/stuck pixel on it. It's not the CCD as far as I can tell. Is that something that is covered under the warranty, or does it fall under the "LCD displays are inherently imperfect so a stuck pixel is not a defect" clause? It doesn't really bother me when taking pics, but it's only a week old for pete's sake! Any info would be appreciated.
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You've pretty much hit the nail on the head there. You could try with Panasonic directly and see what they say, or take it back to the store where you purchased it and see if they will exchange it.
Otherwise, as you say, it's the LCD only, and the pictures are fine - put up or shut up is the "tough love" response.
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It states in the manual that there are a few black pixels on the LCD. I have spotted some on mine, but I have to really be looking for them to be able to notice it (or be facing the camera at the sun, which I don't do).

I guess that it is a normal thing.

However if it is really noticable when you look at the LCD it is probably worse than just one pixel.
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Default black dot

My FZ-10 also has similar black dot on LCD within one month since my purchase. Though it did not affect the picture, it was really annoying at the beginning. You would think that your newly bought toy suddenly became a crippled one. The black dot was not there when I first got my camera. My Canon Powershot S200 never had this problem after more than one year intensive use. However, this situation has been clearly described in a yellow card titled "Dear customer" came with the camera. On that, they even have a diagram pointing out the black dots and spot always lit on the LCD. Given that, I would imagine it would be hard to persuade the Panasonic people that it is a defect and ask for exchange. However, it might worth trying. If you do, please let us know what's their response. Thanks!
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I've done a bit of looking around on the 'net, and alot of people have made some good comments about bad pixels on LCD displays. What if I send the camera back (I purchased it from vanns.com) and it comes back with MORE bad pixels? That would really suck. Manufacturers also have some strict guidelines as to what constitutes a bad LCD, and according to the majority of them my LCD is acceptable. So, for now, i'll be using my camera and taking wonderful pictures. I'll have to undergo hypnosis :shock: or something to make me "ignore" the tiny speck that I see everytime I take a pictuee
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