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Default Upgrading to the Fz10

I'm considering trading in my Olympus C750 for the FZ10. I really like a lot of this camera's features, especially the Leica F2.8 12x lens with image stabilization.

I'm just wondering if I'll be at all disappointed with the image quality compared to my olympus. Can anyone give me an idea of how the two cameras compare?

Most of my shots are taken outdoors, but the way I see it, the pasasonic should do just as well indoors as the olympus, because they're both capable of f2.8. Is the fz10 really nosiy? Again, can anyone compare the noise levels of the two cameras?

Thanks for any info.

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Have you handled a FZ10? It is a bigger camera than your 750. Some people donít like the feel of it. I think that comes from people picking one up in a store and not spending time with it. I like feel of the FZ10 fine now that Iíve learned to use it.

Take a look at Steveís sample photos. I donít see that much to choose between them. The FZ10 saturates the images at default settings more so it is really hard to compare. The FZ10 generates slightly smaller files than the 750 indicating a slightly lower quality compression, but I havenít been terribly disappointed in the image quality. Both cameras could use a JPG SHQ mode. It seems a bit silly that my credit card sized S4 will generate files a full Mb larger for the same scene than my FZ10 using a true SHQ compression.

Even if you find someone who has owned both cameras you have to determine whether they really know how to get the best from them before taking their determination of comparative image quality as gospel.

The stabilization on the FZ10 works very well and gives a lot more versatility. The stabilization plus almost an extra f stop of actual exposure at full telephoto lets you use the FZ10 handheld in a lot more situations. The FZ10 will also do a lot better indoors without flash as the stabilization still gives you at least 2 f-stops if you arenít dealing with subject motion. The FZ10 flash is weak though.

If I make a large print from any of my cameras I usually do a subtle dose of Neat Image. Otherwise the noise doesnít bother me in most circumstances.
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