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Originally Posted by bridgesmm
One good thing about walmart.com is that you can return an item to your nearest Walmart (the store) for full refund (minus S&H, which is nominal ($1.87 on a Minolta A1) ).
Very true! And you're right -- shipping from Walmart.com is usually ridiculously lower than the majority of other online sources. Most online shops charge $20 to ship a FZ1, even though the actual shipping charges will be about $5 (including insurance). They are usually not the lowest price for cameras online, but they are usuallly the lowest price for cameras online out of all the other big name retailers (Circuit City, Best Buy, Ritz, etc.). And every signficantly sized town has a Wal-Mart store for easy returns.
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without going offtopic with wallmart issues...

I'v enoticed that my 2-weeks old silver FZ10 has a corner that's brushed off.
At the corner of the flash I can see a slight black spot from the plastic underneath now because I've put the FZ10 in my shoulderbag....

I haven't bought a good camerabag yet.
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would never dispute that WMT is not the best for information on anything they carry BUT they do have a 90 day return privelige, no questions asked or if they do you can tell them whatever you like including it isn't working properly and they accept the return

I bgt a Minolta Dimage from them before I discovered the FZ10. First one actually was bad, confirmed that with Minolta support and returned the cam for a new one. I then brought that one back after my FZ10 arrived, told them I found something I liked better.

No problem
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