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Default What will Panasonic replace the FZ10 with and when???

I am thinking about buying the FZ10, but I am worried when the replacement of the FZ10 will appear. Any rumors on that front :?:
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Nah - save you worrying for something more appropriate or worth giving yourself a coronary over! If there is an FZ10 in the design stages, then it'll be a while away yet, as the backlash from those of us who've just bought the '10 would make Panasonic cringe and be the laughing stock of the DP world.
They can't afford to make the FZ10 obsolete now, as it's just being released into Europe and the UK, so the number of sales will dictate it's demise.
In other words, once they see sales drop off dramatically for a prolonged period - 3-4 months or so, then they'll start releasing 'rumours' of a replacement to see what reaction it receives and to get the marketing hype running at 11/10ths!
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You can't go through life waiting for the next best thing. I've had my fz10 for 2 months and it has been a blast. When they do upgrade it they will have plenty of good improvements to make:
raw format, focus assist light, stronger flash, threading on the camera for a filter w/o using the large lens hood, in camera battery charging, 5+ mp, etc... But it is a really fun camera and takes great shots with consistancy.
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