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Default Question for Bob: FZ1 firmware versions

The most recent fz1's sold in the US have version 1.05. The very first fz1's had ver 1.03; then about August of last year ver 1.04 started showing up. Can you give any insight on the these different firmware versions and maybe the serial numbers that correspond to the different versions?
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As I posted on other forums, I've also noticed that in addition to the firmware differences in the newer FZ1 cameras, there are some other differences, too:

1. Thicker neck strap (is this from the FZ10?)
2. Battery compartment is bigger because my aftermarket battery which was tight in my first FZ1 fits perfectly in my new FZ1.
3. When both FZ1 cameras are turned off, the lens rattles FAR less in the new FZ1, and this is not something that increased over time.
4. My low-light focus is not as good on my new FZ1 as it is in my first FZ1 when tested side-by-side, same subject, same conditions, etc.
5. Lens extension on startup is MUCH more quiet with my new FZ1 than my old one -- is this due to wear/use?

Is there really this much of a difference in build quality or so much of a variance in something like low-light focussing between cameras? When other folks have posted low-light focussing problems with their FZ1's, I just assumed they weren't using them quite right, finding a good edge for focussing, etc., but I am not getting the same success rate with my new FZ1 that I did with my old one. Don't get me wrong, my new FZ1 is still very useable and I eventually get a focus lock on the same lowlight subjects, but it's not as quick and takes more tries.

Still love the FZ1! I guess that shows by me buying two, eh? Actually, I re-sold my first one. I only bought a second because I wanted the black one.
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