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Normcar wrote:
JinE, that's where manual focus and the focus ring on the FZ10 comes in, it's great and works wonderfully...don't ignore it. Lock doesn't exist in manual so it's immediately erased as a problem.
Normcar, can you explain that? I'm still not sure how to use the manual focus ring. If you could give a tip on how/when to use it.

Also, you mention "lock doesn't exist in manual" - I thought maybe we can use the manual focus as a sort of focus lock, by focusing on a point/person and just leaving it there. I thought that might help with following action or such?

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I personally use the manual focus ring to ensure that I'm in focus by sliding it back and forth a touch going from blur to blur. If I can clearly see blur and blur on both sides then I know that the in-between is the sweet spot of focus. I push back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, to ensure that I'm focused properly. I also often go to the "setup" menu and turn off my MFAssist when focusing on action as it can be a hindrance rather than a help, since it 's magnification sometimes causes the target to be too difficult to follow. I do this especially when following a bird in flight. It's just too difficult to follow the targetwith MF Assist on.

I make absolute sure that my diopter ring next to the viewfinder is set right, I "never" use the LCD screen to focus, only the viewfinder because I can be more accurate on the viewfinder. This, to me, is important, never use the LCD screen to do your photography.

If you plan to lock focus by pressing the shutter half way down first make sure that your target isn't going to be moving either back or forward any distance because if they are they will go out of focus if your aperture isn't stopped down far enough (F8 isn't really a fantastically large depth of field but unfortunately it is the maximum for most non-DSLR cameras, including the FZ10). Perhaps the best thing to do is zone focus where you guess where your target will be and you manual focus on something within that zone or distance, make sure your aperture is stopped right down to F8 or close to that so that you have greater assurance of focus, then wait for your subject to come to you. You can do this in both sports and wildlife photography by making educated guesses at what your subject will do next. For example, you know that your subject, in baseball, is going to head for first base after the ball is hit.

Just be sure that if you "lock" your focus that your subject isn't moving out of your DOF (depth of field, or focus area). If you have a wide open aperture it doesn't take long for your subject to leave your focal area. Wide open aperture is the lowest number, 2.8 in the case of the FZ10. And this is another reason to "only" use full "M" or manual mode when shooting, so that you always know where your aperture and shutter are and how much play you may or may not have.

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