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Hi Steve, always nice to hear from you. The FZ10 setting for tele isn't required and it will work fine without setting it. You just end up seeing the round black hole that tells us to zoom more. No problem with the lens or trouble with a crash of glass or such things that may happen with DSLR teleconverters if you don't set them right (such as my Sigma 50-500).

By the way, I'm going to the zoo tomorrow to find some good color. This is the area where I think the FZ10 teleconverter lens shines. I'll do my very best to investigate this "color" and "saturation" and "contrast" matter more so that anyone who thinks about investing in this lens will know the facts. I "promise" you all that I will not try to post something that has been processed. My goal is to find the most colorful birds at the zoo and take shots of them, then post them online here for all to see. I'll let the photos speak for themself. If they ain't good, I won't try to make them good. This is my promise to all of you who are "considering" this lens as a purchase. I think I'm in a unique position here in that I seem to be one of the first people to actually have this Panasonic lens to test, so I don't plan to neglect this position. I'll do my best to show you what it can do, and also what it cannot do. I think the photos will speak best for this, so I'm going to the zoo tomorrow.

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It would be very beneficial, if you have another tc besides the LTZ10, to take at leasta couple offotos from each one for some sort of comparison.:|
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I agree, it would be wonderful to have more than this lens. Unfortunately, unless one works for Panasonic or publishes a magazine or other this sort of thing isn't likely. All that I can do is post what I am getting with this lens so that others can use this as one of the many sources for decision making. I think that Shene, in this forum, is now posting some pretty decent shots from other converters, so it's clear that other options are available. I personally love the color saturation that this converter seems to offer and my posts have been focusing on this. However, I've personally downloaded and played with the color saturation on some of Shene's recent posts and that converter of his seems to do a real nice job, certainly acceptable as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy with this Panasonic 2.8 apertureconverter because I've always been a color nut and my demands in this area are probably more strict than is necessary. It's clear from Shene's posts that in the area of "sharpness" the less expensive converter that he is using is extremely acceptable, thanks to his posts we can see this.Thanks to his examples,the person on a more limited budget has a very viable option that offers a very acceptableresult. Had Shene not posted these quality examples we wouldn't know that this option exists. Now we know and can take advantage.

I think that between Shene's posts and my own many people have at least a reasonable assortment of examples so that they are not forced to make a blind decision about purchases. Inshort, I think the entire scope of this forum offers enough examples of different choices.

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Normcar wrote:
The FZ10 has a "converter" setting that sets the lens at 6x minimum to eliminate the darkened edges when you attach the converter. However, you don't need to use it, if you wish to shoot something close-up you can simply "not" set the conversion, then crop out the edges.

Hi, Normcar. I'm trying to find a vital info about LTZ10 teleconverter before buying and I guess you gan give me the answer. What is the minimum focusing distance when using the converter? The FZ10 manual on page 87 states 15.1 feet and if this is true, then the converter is useless for me. I bought the FZ10 as a replacement for my actual CoolPix 995/5X EagleEye OpticZoom combination that I use for shooting birds in the 4 to 15 feet range (farther than that, I attach my CoolPix to my Swarovski spotting scope). I could live with the 6.5 feet of the FZ10 at 12X, but not with the 15.1 feet minimum focusing distance if this info is correct.

From your previous comment, I understand that you can zoom back and get a shorter minimum focusing distance, but could you provide the real minimum figures let's say at 6X, 9X and 12X? I would greatly appreciate.

Feathered Memories, Digicam/Scope Bird Photography
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