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After sometime spending on learning the strange metering system of the FZ-10, I guess I am getting to used to it. Currently, I use spot meter exclusively. Here are some shots that I took in the past two days. They were taken with either a TCON-14B or a TL-55, shapren:low, saturation:std, ISO 50, aperture F2.8 or F4. The images were cropped near the center. Then, resizing to 400x300 and perhaps a little level, followed by NeatImage with default settings, and a slight USM with PS7.

This is a woodpecker commonly seen in my area, taken with TCON-14B:

The following two were taken with Canon TL-55:

I suspect the second one is a pine siskin; but, I am not sure about that.

Note that more PS actions can be taken to remove distracting portions in the images. I did not try it because I simply wish to show the capability of the FZ-10 plus TCON-14B or TL-55. Once I can master the FZ-10, especially its metering system, I am sure my backyard birding shots would be much better.



Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500/5700 User Guide

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Shene, nice sharp images that demonstrate the capabilities of the FZ10 coupled with your converter.
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Shene,of the TCON-14B and the TL-55, which do you prefer overall?
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Excellent hat trick, Shene.

Detail, clarity and composition all exception.

No worries about the "no edit out" approach you took!

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