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hey everyone. I've had my fz1 for about a few months now and i love it!! but i'm really pissed off today because it stopped working ona very special occassion. During my sister's graduation, I tried to take pics but the EVF (and LCD) simply does not show the image at all. It's black. I know the the LCD works and the camera is on b/c on the LCD i can see my battery life and # of pics remaining, etc. but there's nothing else besides that. It's completely black. I tried adjusting the ISO but nothing. This was a bright and sunny day outdoors and it doesn't show anything.

Now, when i try to take the picture, there's a few icons that flash red on the lcd. It goes by very fast, but I've done it enough times to make them out. The "f" number and shutter speed and the "image shake" icon both flash once really fast in red. Then after that, there's a strage icon to the right side that blinks once in red also. It looks like picture frame or a square or something with 2 arrows. the first arrow points to the right (-->) and the second arrow points up. I have no idea what this means.

when i try to take the picture, these icons flash it nothing happens. my picture count remains the same and the lcd is still black. PLEASE help.. i don't know whats wrong. i'm really upset i wasn't able take pics of the graduation, but i'll feel much better if i know that my camera isn't dead. thanks.
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I think you're going to need to send your camera in for repairs. I would call Panasonic support and see if they can enlighten the situation further (like at least a cost estimate). It might just turn out that it's cheaper to buy a new one from Vanns or OneCall (I believe is at $250 now).

Sorry you had problems at such a special occasion. Hope you get it resolved quickly and cheaply.


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