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I would like to get an outboard flash for my FZ10 to do indoor wedding shots, etc. What flash units would you suggest and also what settings would you use? I use a flash with a flash bracket on my Nikon 35mm cameras and would like to use something similar with the FZ10. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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I've heard so many good things about the Sunpak 383, that I went out and picked one up. I have 10 days to try it out, but so far I really like it. Granted, I'm totally new to all this stuff, but then again, if I can now take good indoor shots with it, I'm sure more experienced people can really use it!

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I use Pentax AF280T from my 35mm setup - with FZ10 I have to put camera in the manual mode and adjust aperture to what the flash automatic mode expects. After a few test shots, and setting proper white balance, it works like a charm.
If any of yours Nikon flash units have suitable connectors and/or mode to work in some kind of auto program with old "analog" cameras, there should be no problem using them with FZ10. Just check the trigger voltage: http://www.botzilla.com/photo/strobeVolts.html.
With simpler flash units you will have to adjust exposure to subject distance, which is not very convinient with FZ10...
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Almost all flashes have an automatic thyristor cutoff in the unit. That allows the flash to vary the shot based on where you have the unit set. With just two or three settings with the camera aperture matched you can shoot without making constant adjustments for distance and reflectivity. It isn't as good as a dedicated unit though.

I got a Vivitar 285HV. I wanted the zoom head and long range. It works fine and the reach is great, but it is really bulky. I'm far from a flash expert and just compared specs and price.

To use the bracket you will need an adapter to fit in the hot shoe for the cable. I think that works – never tried it though. I would think it would work fine for an automatic unit but I'm not sure about a dedicated one.

Settings will vary with the unit. Someone with whatever flash you get can probably get you started.
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