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anomaly, you're cool and calm, but life's too short to try to educate those who refuse to listen. You've done your part, and I admire the way you did it. Now, I look forward to comments on the FZ10!

BTW, pemaraal is great. I have the current adapter (which is fantastic), but I think I'm going for the new one. Not because it's aluminum - I've had absolutely no problems with the current one - but because of the neat way it incorporates a lens hood which can be easily stored away.

I do have to find out how lens caps work with it.
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Is this 55mm adapter available yet from Permeaal?
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Old Jul 12, 2004, 5:53 PM   #23
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Adam20v wrote:
Is this 55mm adapter available yet from Permeaal?

You can watch the latest news here: http://www.b-300.com/news.html
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I haven't checked in here for a while -- I see I haven't missed much. PAISANO5 is still yelling at everyone, and he continues to hook the relatively new members into trying to explain to him how discourteous it is. He also continues to hook a few of us longer term members every time, too. Got to give the guy credit -- he a darn good troll.

I appreciate useful information as much as the next guy, but I find myself simply ignoring the majority of his posts (usually don't even read them if he started the thread), because I know that eventually there will be this same sidebar discussion...again...he'll get all defensive and talk about constitutional rights, freedom, and the American way, as well as how rude all the rest of us are for not tolerating his yelling at us, and in the end all of his "useful" information is completely lost, especially when Steve has to come in a remove the entire thread...again...

In the end, I don't care ifhis information is "useful" or not -- I don't want it yelled at me, and dozens of others have mentioned that they don't either. And he completely discredits any argument hemay have (which isn't much) by claiming to be aprofessional graphic designer and documentation writer. If he really was, he would already know everything we're telling him.

He's obviously just a bored troll, and to be honest, if I was Pete Liontas, I wouldn't want such a person writing about or recommending my product, tainting the good nameand all with ridiculous, trolling threads like this.


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Actually this is a dead month-old thread that was resuscitated innocently. No new trolling involved. :-)

I'm quite interested in the Pemaraal news and frequently check the news page (as mentioned by Klaas), but I think future discussion of this should be in a new thread. OK?
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