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I had tried a friend's Quantaray 383, and decided to buy a Sunpak 383 for myself. I got it today, and started experimenting with it. I had tried different settings, and suddenly must have done something wrong, because the FZ10 quit recognizing it - I got the "external flash forced off" icon.

I powered everything off, removed the flash, turned the camera on, turned the camera back off, put the flash back on ... still had the icon.

Finally, I went into setup and did a reset and now the camera recognizes the flash again (i.e. not forced off now).

But I'm not sure it's behaving the same. Seems when I tried the flash before, if I had it on Auto (the green A at the bottom), and ISO 100, with the camera on manual, ISO 50, I could easily overpower people close by. Now it's actually underpowered. If I set the camera to P mode, everything's fine, but I think I want the camera on ISO 50.

Now, if I move the flash up anywhere above the green A, the flash intensity increases a lot, which baffles me. The green A, at the bottom, indicates a distance of 8-60 feet, yet it's less intense than the yellow A, which indicate 4-30 feet (granted, the aperture also changed from 2 to 4).

Am I using this right? Don't I want an ISO of 50 and a small aperture, so I can reduce noise and get more depth of field?

thanks for any tips, suggestions, criticisms
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I sometimes have the same problem with my Vivitar on the FZ10. I figured out that I was accidently touching the control wheel on the back of the camera. If you touch the right spoke, it changes the flash setting. C heck that out next time it happens. It is very easy to do by accident.

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I agree with John. You probably hit the arrow key by accident.
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Ok, I'll have to watch that.

I was wondering, too, if maybe it was because I had been a little impatient. I was used to the flash quickly powering up for the next shot, but when I was outside and had changed a setting, the flash took a few seconds. Not paying attention, I tried a few times to take shots. Maybe the flash was communicating "not ready" to the camera?

But I'll watch for the dial. Hopefully that was it. Flash has worked fine since.

thanks again
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