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Panasonic wrote:

Just asking a simple question to settle a debate I had at lunch really started a debate! Thanks.

Actually, I had a secondary agenda that was confirmed.At lunch several people had no idea what TIFFwas.

Several people commented that TIFF was "unusable" Are these people unaware of programs like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro? I'm wondering if JPG was chosen because of a lack of knowledge about TIFF?

Was that lunch at Panasonic? If so, who were those people? How could anyone dealing with computer graphics (which digital photography is a part of) have no idea about TIFF? It's been de facto an industry standard since 1989. I assume (and I really hope) that they don't participate in digital camera design. Or I just misunderstood something?
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Klaas wrote:
I would also like to have true A/S/M settings on the dial at the cost of some of it's auto functions and I hate to push the exposure every time I want to change my exposure settings in manual mode.

Klaas Bloem


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Just an informal lunch - had nothing to do with product planning.

What is interesting is the amount of e-mail I received somewhat confirming users knowledge of TIFF. Many people know it's a graphic format, they know it's a large file, but beyong that it's often multiple guess. This is neither surprising nor alarming to me. Forums such as these draw people who are generally more knowledgable than your average consumer. It's one reason I enjoy participating!


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I was one of the "tiff is unusable" folks. Certainly it was not because of a lack of knowledge on the subject. Simply, the file size is not proportional to its benefit. . imho. Nothing more complicated than that. RAW seems to have far more advantages, but that was not an option in your original question.
Regardless, with MP's increasing, the need for other than jpg seems unnecessary. And w/o larger mp's cameras, printing 8x10's at home with the FZ10 at 4mp produces excellent prints (more mp with larger sensors would sure allow cropping and less noise however). The FZ10 pics have been taken to 20"x30" by a commercial lab and look fantastic. Photoshop CS provides lots of post processing options as well. Workflow techniques provide the option of keeping the original jpg as the "negative" that everyone covets. Seems like jpg has few shortcomings.
As least for this old guy who used to print colored enlargements from an M2 in a bathroom more than 40 years ago, jpg seems like a great practical solution. Hence, less compression is far more desireable than other options.
Thanks for asking!!
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Jack, your point are well taken.

I still have my Omega enlarger though it's been a long time since I've done any printing "the old way". The Graylab timer andJobo tanks have nowbeen replaced with Photoshop CS!

I recently attended a meeting of press photographers at a local camera club. The conversations shifted to more MP's and less compression. Their assesment of the current DSC market was most interesting. Essentially, today's DSC user finds it more important to quantify image quality by examining the photo at > 200% magnification. Actual print quality which is what wesee seems to carry less and less significance.

More interesting was the number of photographers who have finally realized that more MP is not necessarily more quality. Convenience features are starting to move up the priority list.
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