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fmoore Jun 15, 2004 9:42 AM


Nikon and Minolta (5400 and A2) have recently come out with firmware upgrades. You once indicated that the 2004 Panasonic digicams - which includes the FZ10 - would be candidates for firmware upgrades. We are well into 2004. Can we expectany firmware upgrades?


srvsd Jun 15, 2004 1:29 PM


It would be great if a few things could be "tweaked" with firmware. As you know, they recently added RAW capabilities to the Nikon 5400. That alone (or less JPEG compression) would be great for the FZ-10.

Panasonic Jun 16, 2004 8:34 AM

I apologize for my delay in responding, but my schedule has been extremely busy.

The FZ10 actually falls into the tail end of 2003. 2004 models will have firmware posted as required. Updates are generally created to correct problems that Panasonic or a customerdiscovers after the product is in production. So far, that has not been the case. By "problem" I mean anything that causes a malfunction or causes the camera to operate in a manner differently than described in the owners manual.

Requested enhancements are totally at the descretion of the factory.At this time I'm not aware of anything that's planned but projects change regularly.

fmoore Jun 16, 2004 9:03 AM

See "Question for Bob regarding firmware upgrade policy"

Bob wrote:
"Yes & Yes
FZ10 is a 2004 model.
Actually several others are also easy upgraded, but officially all 2004's now have this feature."

Panasonic Jun 16, 2004 3:07 PM

THe FZ10 is a 2004 model, it can be upgraded, but it was released during the end ofour 2003 model year. My original statement is correct. If we discover any problems and the factory corrects them via firmware, we will be able to offer it. I'm sorry if my previous statement was unclear

srvsd Jun 16, 2004 4:06 PM

Thanks Bob for the reply. I appreciate your responses and monitoring of these boards. I'm sure most of us have no idea how much work is involved updating firmware, even for "simple" changes. Most FZ-10 users I believe love their cameras, but would love to see a few things improved.

I guess what is a little frustrating is that through firmware updates, RAW support was recently added to the Nikon 5400 and the LCD brightness was improved in the Dimage A2. Neither of these things would be considered malfunctions, but I'm sure helped with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Need to squeak at least a little if we have any hope of getting some oil...

Panasonic Jun 17, 2004 8:30 AM

I'd like to present you with a question - THIS IS ONLY HYPOTHETICAL, so please don't read between the lines. Nothing to read!

Currently the FZ10 offer two JPG levels of compression. If you had your choice would you prefer to see the low compression set even lower OR add TIFF? Assume RAW was not available? Im trying to settle a debate I had as to which is more important?

Lnin0 Jun 17, 2004 9:26 AM

If RAW is not available I would rather see a TIFF option than a less compressed JPG format. RAW would be my first choice though but I wouldn't turn anything with less compressiondown.

Klaas Jun 17, 2004 9:51 AM

Bob, if RAW is not an option I would like to see a TIFF option, lower compression would be useless for me.

b.csako Jun 17, 2004 10:22 AM

Definately I would like to see TIFF added to a new FZ model (or, firmware upgrade for the FZ10??--if it is possible?). The absense of TIFF was the sole reason that I did not invest in the FZ10 over the FZ1. Thanks for asking.

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