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I'm sure Klaas would agree that your first sets of pictures with the FZ-10 won't be your best. But this camera definitely make learning photography fun. I am still very much an amateur, but 6 months ago (with my old Coolpix 4300) I didn't know an f-stop from a bus stop. I did 100% point and shoot. Now I see why manual settings are important because they allow you to improve your photography as you learn more. An autofocus and autoexposure system can be fooled. There are many "correct" exposure combinations with shutter and aperture. Only you know which is most appropriate for what you are doing.

One more example is my son jumping off a diving board. I know I should use a fast shutter speed if I want to freeze the action. So either with full manual or aperture priority, you can make the adjustment.

This is resized with medium jpeg compression on photoshop elements.

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Klaas wrote:
Hi Cageyman,

Here you can see some of my photo's:


These pictures are representative for the quality of my FZ10. If yours have more noise maybe you can contact me and send me a full size example with exif info?

Maybe I can help you.

Klaas Bloem
Nice! Thanks, Klaas, I'll do that, hopefully this evening. I did send some to a friend, and he said it must be my monitor, because he thinks they look fine, though noisier than his Nikon 5700. I do plan to get a new monitor.

So, I sent some to costco.com and picked up prints yesterday, and they look great.

But yeah, I'd love to upload some when I get home, and get tips for improving. Thanks.

BTW, I bought the camera for our vacation to Banff, and I love the results. My only problem was lack of education - I frequently had too-dark shots in snow pictures, but now I know why. I've read since then that I should meter off midtones, not the pure white of the snow. But I was able to quickly improve those shots in PhotoShop.

One other thing. There were some bald eagles far across a lake, so I turned digital zoom on, and looked back up, just as one dove down. I quickly pressed the burst button, brought the camera up, and fired off several shots. Not great focus (I should have waited a sec for better focus), but pretty darn nice! Especially for 36x! My friend had a Canon Rebel (not digital), and couldn't get a shot (insufficient zoom), and was real impressed with my pics.

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did u end up buying fz 10?
may i take a look at the bald eagles photo u took?
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dachshund, the eagle pics are in this gallery:


as part of our Banff shots.
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Last weekend i finally got to a camera shop in the US to see physically the 2 camera's, the fz10 and canon s1....well the decision was easy after that....within 5 minutes i was playing with the menu and the huge 2 inch display campared to the swivel canon, the fz10 is much better....i am sure canon will make the swivel display bigger like some of there video camera's one day, but for now i can do without the swivel on a smaller display and go for the big 2" one on the fz 10....also the fz10 is very light for a camera that is 1.5 times bigger then the canon s1.

so i will be ordering the camera in canada where i live, and hopefully it will be 2 t o4 weeks and not the 6 to 8 that it could take if the distribution center is out of them.

i plan to order it after the july 1 long weekend


PS: now i have conflicting SD card speed issue's in another post, gotta try and figure that out now, anyways tha's anothe thread....

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