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Totally confused can you help in deciding? Ready to buy Panasonic FZ 10 need validation that I am making the right decision.

I have never owned a digital camera before other than what still digital picture capability I have in my 6yr old Sony Camcorder. I have friends who own them and most of them have a 3x optical zoom and their biggest gripe is they wish they had more.

Keeping that in mind I have been lurking here and dpreview for a while and had narrowed it down to Fuji s5000, s7000, Canon S1 IS and Panasonic dmc FZ10. Then I visited a local RITZ Camera store and looked at some pictures taken by the fuji s5000, s7000 and the panasonic fz-10. I was blown away by the sharpness and clarity of the fz-10 pictures.

Now I am down to two the panasonic fz-10 and the canon S1 IS because they are the only ones of the four that have image stabilization which I believe is important if you do not want to carry a pod.

I have a 5yr old and a 2yr old kids. Please help me decide. I will normally shoot kids and we are planning to go on vaccation to niagra falls.

Also would these let me take good closeups along with the log shots without any additional equipment.

Thanks in advance. I probably will use the auto mode most of the time till I learn to use the manual mode.

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I have both of the cameras you're thinking of, so it makes it easier for me to answer. Its only my personal opinion, but if you don't want to learn to use any manual features and don't want to buy any additional equipment, I'd go with the Canon S1 IS. On its own, with no accessories, I think it'll take better shots for what you want (indoors as well as outdoors, easy to use, etc).

With the Panasonic, which I love, you can get superior pictures to the Canon, but it takes a little more effort. You have to learn to use the manual settings in many circumstances, and an external flash is almost necessary for many indoor shots. Though it has longer zoom, the 10x on the Canon should suit you fine since you won't be using a tripod anyway. The Canon also has a much better movie mode than the Panasonic. To top it all off, the Canon is cheaper and uses cheaper memory.

So, basically, if you want a point-and-shoot and don't want to buy any add-ons, get the Canon. You should be pleased with it (I am). If you want to take the time to learn more about photography, and maybe buy some extra bits and pieces (especially a flash), the FZ10 is by far the better camera. I love my FZ10.

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I don't know about the Canon, but think VC is absolutely right. For full auto everything, the FZ-10 can be a little disappointing. But with some manual tweaking, it is awesome. I like it more every day.
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