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Several months ago I ever post the shutter lag problem (FZ10) in Aperture priority mode. But I found no satisfactory answer for it.

This morning, I found the reason for it, and I think you should read this.

First I'll repeat about the problem :
In aperture priority mode you'll find that attaching external flash will make the shutter lag longer. At last I found that the time will get longer as you choose smaller aperture (higher number of f). The problem doesn't occur in M or S mode, and not even in P mode.

This morning I try to see what happens when I click the shutter by seeing through the lens. To do that, put your camera in full wide angle position. In that position you can see the aperture blade clearly at the center of the lens.

First I try the Aperture mode:
In aperture mode the blade is always open in full wide. When you half press the shutter, the aperture blade will narrow to the aperture value you set. As you fullpress the shutter, it will close and then open again...Normal.

Then I attached the external flash to it.
The behavior change. The aperture is open full wide as previously. But when I half press the shutter, nothing happen to the aperture blade, only when I fullpress the shutter, the aperture blade will narrow to the aperture value I set.
That is what make the shutter lag longer in aperture priority mode. The movement of the aperture blade from full wide position (f2.8) to the setting I made (f8.0) will require as much as 0.6 second (I don't know the exact number, it just an approximation).

Manual Mode :
In manual mode there is no difference whether you attach the external flash or not. The camera will always narrow down the aperture to the setting you made. That makes the lcd and evf very dark.

I see no reason why Panasonic has to make the difference when I attach the external flash. If I'm the designer, I will always make the aperture blade to be wide open, and narrow down only when the shutter is half pressed.

My FZ10 camera is the UK version. In this version Panasonic already diable the firmware version to be shown in the camera......

And I guess the above will result differently with older FZ10. I suspect that since several months ago there is a post that mention about the trick to make the LCD not dark in the M mode by attaching external flash. It's not working in my version, as I stated above that the aperture blade will always narrow down to the setting I made.

Also one of the user in my country stated that he doesn't experience longer shutter lag in A mode. And his FZ10 is older than mine.

FZ10 user, please post your test result here.

If that is the case (difference between older and newer version), than we should complain to Panasonic. They silently make behavior change (and not just disabling the firmware version) with their newer release of FZ10.

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This is a nice feature I think and the reason why I always shoot in aperture priority modewhen using my external flash. The wide open iris gives more light in your EVF and helps the focussing system of your camera (at the cost of a small delay).

Klaas Bloem
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jonathan, I have a newer model (can't see the version info either), and my camera functions the same as you describe

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