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I decided to break the monotony of a rainy Sunday and pulled out both my Olympus C5060 and FZ10 today. No exciting photos. Just macros of a pot plant!!

Original C5060 shot was a RAW file, FZ10 was at highest jpg quality and resolution. All photos were then reduced to 1028x768 and cropped twice for comparison.

Personally I think the Olympus takes finer Macros, but considering the versatility of the FZ10 I think the macros come out quite well. Because of the great zoom it ismyfirst choice camera when I take a camera with me.

If the next FZ10 upgrade will do RAW I will be the first to upgrade. Noise can be a problem at times. I am hoping RAW files will address this problem!


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Hi Jawis,

I´m going to buy my second camera (I own a Canon A70), butI REALLY CAN´T DECIDE between Olympus 5060 and Panasonic DMC-FZ10. Considering that you have both cameras, i´d like your opinion about it.

I know that we are talking about diferent cameras and diferent features. I´m not concern about sizes.

I like the "professional" look that Panasonic has. But, the Olympus´ "old" lookand "durable" body....very nice

Iread some reviews and saw some photos and seems that Olympushas avery solid body and is easy to hold it. Panasonic looks like don´t have it....it seem a kind of "cheap" plastic....the buttons seem small......etc....

But, in the other hand, the Panasonic´s super zoom is very attractive.

Quality images. Purple fringing?.......

Olympus Battery? Panasonic battery?

Please, I´d appreciate your opinions about these cameras.

Thanks a lot, Thiago

PS: Sorry my english.
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Hi Thiago!

Yes they are both very different cameras. I was originally planning on keeping just one, but I enjoy using them both so much.

Obviously using both cameras you are more than likely to compare the photos that each camera takes. I do find overall that the C6050 photos come out sharper, clearer and more or less noise free with shots 100 ISO and lower. Although I have taken some pretty nice shots with the FZ10 I do find that on a lot of occasions I'll be loading up some Fluzi shot onto NeatImage just to see if I can improve on it.

Having said that if you ask me which camera I use the most, it would be the Fluzi! With the mega zoom, F2.8 and OIS this camera begs you to be spontaneous, creative and challenging. I find it is a great outing camera. It's the only camera I have ever had that I would try a moving subject at low light and full zoom and be confident I will get a photo that I would be happy with.

I find I take the C5060 when I know that Iwon't be needing the zoom. Generally indoor people/family shots using external flash. It's is also an excellent Macro camera.

So I guess you will have to decide what sort of photos you are expecting from your new camera.

The C5060 comes with a high capacity battery, which lasts for ages. Takes a while to charge from empty with the supplied charger tho'. The Fluzi has a very small 680mAh battery, which for it's size does seem to last a while. This could be because I rarelyuse the flash on the camera. Build quality of C5060 is top rate. Panasonic is plastic, but I still like the feel of it. It does feel more fragile than the C5060.

Anyway if you have the time and interest I have some links to some of my Fluzi shots and C5060 shots. If you have the bandwidth try looking at the original files as you will see the difference then. I will also throw in a link to my old Nikon E5000 shots. Apart from the bad shutter lag this camera took great photos and I am also proud of my Goldfish shot!! If you are thinking C5060 you might want to consider Nikon 5400.






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