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It is interesting that supplies seem to be drying up in the UK - Panasonic have been showing out of stock on their own website for some time.

Yet at the same time, supplies are promised "soon".

One independent panasonic shophas just putup a "pre order" announcement that says Panasonic are allowing pre-ordering for stock arriving July. It does make you wonder if this will be the current, or new model... too early for a new one to arrive in bulk I think.

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this gets even better. check this story out, as you know i am set on the FZ10 and i live in canada(ontario). There is only 2 place in Ontario that carry or can order this camera. Radio shack canada and Leon's furniture stores(899.99 cad$ + 15%tax). 2 weeks ago there was a post on this forum or dpreview about no stock in the US on this camera, so i called radio shack and asked the manager if he could get some. his answer, sure we can from our wearhouse. i told him about the supply issue, and he said well if our wearhouse doesn't have it ,we will order from panasonic canada, and it should be 4 to 6 weeks max....this is why i was going to buy it last week.... so i can have it 4 weeks before my trip....

So now late last week this post about a panasonic show and tell of new products, so i put the brakes on to see what this is about. Now the fun part, i checked the RadioShack canada website tuesday(july 6th) and on the site it now says ecpected delievery to stores Aug 3rd, so i call the guy and ask what is up...i ask him to call his wearhouse and see when the wearhouse will have them before they ship them all out to there stores in Ontario.

Well Guess when the Wearhouse is getting them.....any guess....Strangely enough it is July 20th. so the Manager told me i could order one and get it before it gets to the stores in Ontario...

I find this really weird that it is the same day of this press release and show/tell in NY harbour...

what do you think!!

I guess we will see what happens July 20th, perhaps there is a hardware upgrade to the FZ10(instead of firmware) and i can get the new one little toys on it, like a version 2.0 of the FZ10, interesting to see what happens in 1.5 weeks

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Well I think you will at least be pleased you waited...
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I lived in Toronto and I just bought my FZ10 a week ago at Merkle camera and video for $849. Here is the link http://www.merklecamera.com/m-cart/P...sp?pid=panfz10. I am still trying out all the features on this camera. Soi am quite impressed with what it can do.
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