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Belz wrote:
so since i don't plan to do much macro if any, the external flash is not really necessary most of the time except for those cool sunset pics of landscapes and buildings, which i plan to do alot, since it is so much niceer....plus the fz15 might not be available soon enough for my trip on september 14 to croatia
so i guess i can only hope the price point of fz10 drops a bit once dealer availability is now with the new cameras

For subjects is beyond 10-15 meters, the flash will be of no use anyway, so not an issue for buildings.

As for sunsets, you can use the flash if you want a close and specific subject to ligntened up in front of it (use night mode for that) but if you want to shoot plain sunsets the flash is not to be used at all.

As for choosing between FZ10 and FZ15, I'd say that one nice advantage of the FZ15 is the AF assist light which could be very useful in indoors / dimlight conditions. Otherwise, even if I'm upset at Panasonic right now :roll:, I still think that the FZ10 is a fantastic camera, and I'm sure you will enjoy it...

If you want to see some night pics you can visit my gallery : http://ddsm.smugmug.com/gallery/151819

Most pics have been post processed, some more than others, but it should give you an idea of what you could get out of the FZ10 shoud you choose it.

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