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I'd like to say, thanks to Steve for putting things into proper perspective. I'd also like to say, especially, to Panasonic Bob, that he has bent over backwards for some of you people. I won't comment on the responses that he has gotten from time to time, though. Perfection is something to be strived after, not expected.

Here's the good part: if the FZ10 model is discontinued then people like me can buy 2 more on EBay, in a year, and use them as backups. A few posters here have spouted wisdom in that they have explained to some of you that you cannot expect excellent noise suppression when you use smaller sensors. So you make the best with what you have, or can afford. The FZ10 is a classic, and always will be. There, I have 2 good reasons to keep mine:

1. It's a classic in the history of digicams

2. It works

I'm glad that #2 exists because that's the main one for me. I use it when I don't want to haul about my DSLR stuff because I know it has the reach and it can do a good job.

Just for fun, I thought I'd post these, taken today. How does the noise look? No noise processing was applied to any of these. These were taken at full "M" manual mode at ISO 50. There is really no super need to go above 50 ISO considering the fact that you have a 2.8 aperture and also the option to use a moving head flash which you can adjust nicely indoors, and outdoors if necessary. So, essentially, both the indoor and outdoor problems are solved simply by being creative.

PS - in another string someone, who I personally respect and think knows a great deal about critical analysis, wasn't sure about whether or not I used the FZ10 or a DSLR to create these photos. I have the Exif proof that these are FZ10 works and posted it if anyone cares to challenge. Good grief, I'm happy that the debate even began. It shows that the FZ10 can indeed do a great job, and will do a great job, if used properly. You don't touch ISO with the FZ10, for instance. Leave it at 50 and use aperture and shutter to gain or reduce light.

Here's a Waxwing.

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