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Well, I want do to a list of things that I think could make the life easier when using this great camera. Some ideas ive seen people talking around, others I had myself, but I want to have it as a list, so if you want to add something, please do.(also if someone did something like this before URL me please!)

Also my experience with digital cameras is little since fz10 it's my first digital camera, so im not totally aware of other solutions to problems that other cameras have. Basically this shows up as difficulties I feel when using it, and im trying to have an ergonomic approach to it, along with suggestions. Also if you have other ways to deal with this problems, id like to know it.

Also, im not trying to start this as critics or bugs or things i would like to see in a firmware upgreat, it's just a reflection. But I try to make sugestions that wouldnt be much hard to implement.

- The exposure problem. I like the idea of the arrow disc controlling the aperture and shutter without having to hit a key to go from one to other in manual mode. the problem is the exposure button that we have to hit every time we want to change anything. A suggestion here would be to make the exposure always available and the other arrow options available with a click on an exposure button. This way its much more easy to control them, also those are much more important (to me at least) to be easily accessible than the other arrow disc options. I also would use much more the program shift in P mode if i didnt have to hit exposure and see if it is ok to start moving the parameters.

- Other thing id like to have easy access to its the iso, since that's mainly that 3 things, aperture/shutterspeed/iso that control the light. I suggest that the iso could be changed with the delete button when in any shooting mode, because that button don't do anything in that situations. this can be contested becouse that button should be to delete only so we dont delete things in error, but with that acept "yes/no" option set to "no" would be really hard to that to happen, so we have a useless button there.

- the zoom its to sensitive, even it might be hard to make a multi speed zoom, maybe a stepped zoom control would be fine as a addition. Like we could go from 1x to 1.5x etc in a stepped way. And a permanent display of the zoom in mm or x or even 35mm equiv would be nice.

- the dial was changed in the fz20 and by the pics it looks much better now with separated a/s/m that is other thing that annoys everyone.

- a display for the focus distance would be fine too as many people asked for it. Dunno if fz20 has it or not.

well, that's it for now and id like to know what you think and what would you add.
please don't talk about bugs, and firmwares, thats not the way i wanna go:!
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