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Old Jul 31, 2004, 1:02 AM   #31
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Let me put my 2 cents which has already been said over and over again.

I dont plan to buy FZ20.

First i am happy with my FZ10 despite its limitations.

Second I am not happy with panasonic not providind the firmware upgrade for little things that matter and have been said in the forum like RAW form the most important to me, better focusing and perhaps option of A/S/M mode on the dial.

I agree with steve that Panasonic has no obligation to provide the same but if i buy FZ20 and it has some limitations then i also know that i cant rely on panasonic to improve them either.

In my opinion Panasonic should offer an upgrade to the firmware for FZ10 what ever best they can come up with and let consumers decide if they wish to stick with the old FZ10, or upgrade to FZ15, 20 etc. Obviously as they will not make more FZ10 eventually it will phase out but panasonic will have happy customers.

I see no point in buying a similar camers(one of the reasons i choose was the zoom and OIS) which is no different form the previous one.

When i reivests in camera again i would seriously consider DSLR as qulity of its pictures for indoor shots is going to be better and keep my FZ10 as complimentry where i need longer zooms.

Had panasonic shown that they are interested in providing aftersales changes i may have had second thoughts but without this defintely NO.

i also appresiate PANASONIC Bob involvement in this forum and understand that in a big company the opinion and views of a single person are overriden by some unknow concerns of an unkown person.

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Old Jul 31, 2004, 10:29 AM   #32
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Haa....I received my FZ 10 on 24th of july......I ordered it via my uncle in US in last week of June...by that time FZ 20 news broke.....I couldnt wait for september....He brought me FZ-10 to PAKISTAN.

In a week of use, i say its a superb camera which lacks only AF assist and RAW. The EVF bug hasnt caught my attention yet. Its a relatively new camera which saw its discontinuation very early......FZ-20 doesnt carry enough upgradation to deserve my FZ-10 Sell-out.

So far so good....let me enjoy FZ-10........
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Old Aug 2, 2004, 6:50 AM   #33
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Silent majority huh? Ok here we go.

I follow this forum since I read a review of the FZ10 last year. Although I decided to wait for more resolution (I already have a 4Mp camera) I frequently dropped by here to see some very good results (Norm) which almost made me buy the camera (and the teleconverter). But now I'm glad I waited because the FZ20 seems to fulfill my resolution wishes, besides other useful improvements.

I'llget the FZ20 for sure but I'llhave to see the professionalreviews (like steve's) first.

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