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Normcar Jul 29, 2004 5:12 AM

Ack, I'm soft, overexposed, underexposed, a lost piece of film in the world of photogs...I am so ashamed. PLEASE forgive me!

FZ10, full optical zoom, with teleconverter Lumix 1.5. Of course ISO 50, which wasn't a difficult thing considering the fact that I have a 2.8 aperture, across the board, in a more than 600 mm zoom. No starving here people.
Hmm, perhaps this gull is puking at the people who don't know how to use the FZ10 and have decided to turn it into a bad camera? Well, explain this photo then because it was made with the FZ10

Klaas Jul 29, 2004 6:17 AM

Here you see his whole family attacking a bunch of "point 'n shooters" with their FZ10's:

I love my FZ10!

genece Jul 30, 2004 9:08 AM

Very nice photos... but if you two would have read this forum you would have known the Fluzi would not take pictures like those.:-)

lawrencew Jul 30, 2004 10:01 AM

And I am bored with people who are bored with FZ10 rejectors.

So what is your point?

If you are bored with this topic why do YOU keep raising it?

Why not just post your pictures with a suitable title and stop fueling the fire?

PS - you still haven't told an idiot like me how to use an external flash without the evf darkening

Clint751 Jul 30, 2004 12:34 PM

I have resisted replying to any of Normcar's messages because he is obviously trolling and trying to bait people into an arguement by claiming that those who criticize any aspect of the FZ10 are simply "not man enough" for the camera. On the contrary, it is those who want to use the manual features, where no snapshooter dares to tread, thatare complaining. Take a look at the photos posted by those who have complained and it is clear that they are extremely proficient with the camera despite its shortcomings. Norm's photo is cute - the bird is striking a cute pose - but the as far as the qualities of the photo itself, it is nothing special. The highlights are very blownout and lack any detail. That could have been overcome my spot metering on the highlights. I'm not particularly impressed and wouldn't use this photo as an example of the greatness of this camera or my photographic prowess.

The "Love it or Leave it" argument has never swayed anyone since there is no rationale for it. If it didn't persuade me during the Vietnam War it certainly wouldn't have any affect on me in pointing out defects in a camera.

If you have some facts, Norm then state them instead of childishname calling and baiting. If you are tired of some messages the solution is very simple - Don't read them; not one is forcing you to do so. In the mean time, learn to use the camera and keep taking photos!

RMC Jul 30, 2004 2:15 PM

Clint, I agree with you,though i have to say i have seen a quite a bit of norms work and i think its superb. The thing is though he seems to think that people are slating the camera and that they don't like it which is not the case. People on this forum have rightly singled out the darkening evf problem and this is a totally valid point, Others have brought up one or two other points but i think the main gripe is this one. The fact that he decides to namecall rather than suggest solutions is because he doesn't know himself, or at least thats the impression i get. He takes great outdoor shots in good light, and though i am not suggesting he hasn't taken any good low light shots, where this problem occurs,i can't remember seeing too many as examples of his work. Now i agree with you that we shouldn't get dragged into arguments and this message is not intended to offend norm just to try and get the point across in a constructive and polite way. I don't see any problem with people airing their views and debating points, thats what these forums are for after all. It would have been good if norm could have tried to help out those of us who are trying to learn aboutthis camera rather than namecall because they are not up to his standard. Lets get one thing straight i am not an fz10 rejector, far from it. I would not swap it for any other cam available at present. However this does not mean i am totally satisfied with every aspect of iteither, so if i and others decide to point out theproblems as we see them thenwhat is the problem with that? I can't really see any to be honest. If it is me and not the cam then i am happy for this to be pointed out, i just feel that rather than namecall why not offer some help instead?

Guerito Jul 30, 2004 3:14 PM

I'm getting tired of the name calling too. I come to this forum to relax and enjoy talking and learning about my favorite hobby, not to be insulted. A few months ago, norm made several posts calling me every four letter word in the book, and I was nothing but polite the whole time. He consistently called other peoples pictures "crap" and a few people have stopped posting since. It doesn't take my four years of psychology to see that norm has issues. I don't mind debating a point, but to call others "idiots" is just uncalled for. I've been a photographer for many years and have tried to share my knowledge with other members, taking care not to insult them. Maybe it's time to remove Steve's Digicams from my bookmarks and move on to a more civil forum.

Klaas Jul 30, 2004 3:20 PM

lawrencew wrote:

PS - you still haven't told an idiot like me how to use an external flash without the evf darkening

Lawrence, I use aperture priority when using an external flash. I know the shutter time will default to 1/60 sec but so did my Olympus OM series SLR gear and in most situations it just works fine.

RMC Jul 30, 2004 4:49 PM

Guerito, i agree totally with your post, however why should you leave the forum? You haven't insulted anyone. Stick with it, don't let the minority who can't be civil drive you away.

cageyman Jul 31, 2004 1:02 AM

Wow, I guess someone should add "digital cameras" to the list of items one shouldn't discuss in civil company.

Why do some insist on equating
  • someone wanting a "feature" fixed, and wishing that Panasonic would do so in firmware
  • My Gawd, I hate this camera. It sux! I guess I'm just not man enough to use this thang. Why, ah guess ah shulda just got me one of them instamatics.[/*]
Sheesh. I love my camera. I think most of the people who want a firmware upgrade love their fluzi. With or without such an upgrade,it's absolutely the best camera available for my needs (my needs, not someone else's). I'd buy again, knowing all I know tonight.

So it baffles me to see people berated as "whiners" and "rejectors" simply because they'd like the camera fixed in a very few areas. I'm sure a few should have presented their cases less "enthusiastically" ;)but that doesn't discount the point they're making.

Way too many ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments here (I love pretending I know what I'm talking about).

My take on this? I'll be glad when it passes over, because too many people who would otherwise get along are risking destroying relationships (well, what passes for relationships in the cyber world).

Anyone want to discuss "I'm reporting for doody" Kerry? That should be civil. :-)

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