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Is the Z3 any sort of competition to the FZ20? Why/why not?
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I think they are basically the same except the FZ20 has 5 mps, Z3 has 4 mps.
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Z3 Aperture range F2.8 - F4.5,

more than a full stop less light in tele... and with noisy sensors we have in this cameras that does make diference.
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Old Aug 9, 2004, 6:00 AM   #4
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Can you explain the first part of your reply. I could not get that.:?
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Old Aug 9, 2004, 7:26 PM   #5
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deepboys wrote:
Can you explain the first part of your reply. I could not get that.:?
I'm assuming your are referring to the "Z3 Aperture range F2.8 - F4.5" comment.

The Minolta Z3 has aperture range F2.8 at wide angle and F4.5 at full telephoto. In contrast the Panasonic FZ series has F2.8 throughout the whole range. The difference will really be seen at full telephoto. Basically, Panasonic lens is brighter.

In a nutshell, the lower the F-stop number the more light.
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Since I too am interested in both camera's, an important difference to me between the two is that the DMC-FZxx's have manual focus. The Minolta does not. Since I currently own a Z1, the manual focus, image stabilization and the F2.8 across the entire range tilts my decidion in favor of the Lumix. One other very important feature to me is the size of the lcd screen at 2.1" I believe, to the small 1.5" on the Z3 (same size as my Z1...almost too small for my older eyes)
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I believe all the Minolta Z series cameras have manual focus -- it's just a push button type instead of a manual focus ring. Even the Z1 had manual focus, but it is rather imbedded in the menu system. I read somewhere that you can create some sort of macro type button that would get you directly to manual focus with the push of one button, but why Minolta didn't install it like that from the factor, I don't know.

That shared LCD/EVF flip screen thing is also a liability in the Minolta Z series. Although there are plenty of people who are having no problems with it at all, it's still something mechanical that will more than likely break before you would have problems with a separate EVF/LCD configuration like the Panasonic FZ series has.

Also, remember that the Minolta Z cameras have that proprietary flash shoe on them -- expect to buy an adapter or a Minolta compatible flash if you want to use an external flash.

One thing that the Minolta's have all over the Panasonic cameras is aerodynamics. :? Have you seen the Minolta commercials? The Z1 and Z2 literally flying through the air like spaceships, instantly zooming to the full 40X zoom! They fail to mention most of that is digital zoom, and that the camera can't do any flying (or even be handheld) at that zoom because any zoom above 6X without OIS isn't going to make for a very good photo. It won't be flying -- it will be "docked" on a tripod or suffer poor quality pictures.

About the only Minolta camera that I might choose over a Panasonic is the A1 or A2, but you'd lose a lot of zoom going that route, and a lot more money out of your wallet (like almost double).



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