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I hijacked one of the other threads recently to mention my unsuccessful battery pack construction attempt. I thought I should give it its own thread.

I got a cheap 6xAA holder and put 6 Energizer 2100mAh NiMH AA cells in it, soldered some thin wires to it and a suitable plug and gave it a whirl.

The FZ10 will run in review mode, but when you switch to any other mode it tries to extend the lens but can't, and shuts down.

Further testing with a multimeter shows that the AC adaptor puts out 8.75V, my battery pack unloaded puts out 7.8V, when loaded by the camera in display mode it reads 7.2V and when the camera tries to extend the lens, the voltage crashes down to 5.5V or even lower. Going under 6V seems to be the problem.

When I checked out the Energizer web site and read their tech sheets, it looks like the battery pack should have been able to comforably put out over 2 amps at 6.6V or more.

Perhaps it takes more than that to extend the lens. Perhaps these cells really don't put out that sort of power (though the data sheet shows they should be able to do that for a whole hour).

Anybody else made one of these things successfully? And yes, I do now know about the DPS-9000 and similar packs. If anybody in Brisbane, Australia has one of these I'd like to buy it off you tomorrow!
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Hi anomoly,

I have just posted a similar question....no replys yet though.

Was on dpreview searching around and found a link to a site aimed at fuji users. Shows how to build a battery pack, havent looked closely, and dont really have enough knowledge to know if its suitable for an fz-10.

Battery pack is a bottom of the page.....there are some other interesting ideas here....including a cable release


Have you had any luck with your search?

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solution is in the words "cheap 6xAA holder ". You have to use quality holder because of low transitionally electric resistance. That is all.:idea:

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For the record, I gave up on building a battery pack when I ran out of time. Once that happened, I just went to my local camera store and bought an extra two standard Panasonic batteries at full price.

Yes, that was painful, but I've discovered that at my most intense rate of photo taking I empty two batteries per day. Since I'm always within reach of a power point at night, having three was enough. That's how it will stay for now.

Oh, and electrical resistance within the battery holder? Each link is about 1 ohm, so the whole thing could be maybe 6 ohms. I suppose that puts a 1.3A maximum on the thing, probably down to 1A or so assuming low resistance in the FZ10 itself. I would have thought that would work.

Then again, I don't understand electricity, so it could just be interference from sun spots or aliens taking time off from making crop circles.
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