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Klaas wrote:
1 The EVF resolution is on par/better than the competition in it's price range, when using the manual focus ring (which other cameras in it's price range lack) the centre of view in your EVF is magnified making it a good useable feature.

3 Although not TTL you will get great results using an automatic (non dedicated) external flash like the Sunpak 383. Once again, other big zoom cameras in this price range lack a hot shoe let alone have TTL.

I don't care what other cameras in the price range have - that just makes them equally poor - not that the FZ10 is therefore OK


You see this nice sharp image in the viewfinder (actually image resized down to evf resolution)

But this is what the actual photo looks like - crop from same picture

The manual focusing magnification doesn't help when you are trying to use camera movement back and forth in macro mode to get focus, rather than trying to constantly refocus (which you also don't have time for with a subject like a butterfly which might be there for just a moment)

As for the flash, of course you can get great shots. I am just pointing out that YOU have to do all the work - compared to the dedicated flashguns you get with canon, nikon,andminolta.

Depending on your photo needs some might find that these limitations outweigh the 12x OIS zoom. No camera is perfect
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Mate you should be happy with the FZ-20, I have been looking at the minolta as well, as they claim good video camera like focus speeds, which I may need for photographing show dogs as they run around the ring. But the FZ-20 has that lens which would be good also in poorer light at max zoom.

I'm going to wait for the reviews & perhaps some respected users as well before I make the final decision. They are both going to be available at about the same time as well.

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