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Hi all,

I'm following this forum for a while and until recently I was convinced that the FZ10 was the perfect camera for me. I will use the cam for windsurfing action photograpy, so you can tell I need a responsive camera to begin with. Because windsurfing depends on winddirection however, it is not always possible to capture shots nearby the action so on days with off shore wind, i need huge zoom. I tried my brother's 10D with 70-200 IS lens and it's superb but too bulky and expensive for me.

Since I'm not interested in indoor or other low-light capabilities I thought that the FZ10 would do the job just perfectly. I only want to be certainabout the responsiveness of the camera before I buy.I asked a lot of shops in the Netherlands for it but it seems that Panasonic is just a very small player here and availability is bad. Until now, I didn't find a shop with a FZ10 in stock! I decided to wait until I found one and then buy it.

But then there was the FZ20. It promises to be faster overall and has an improved burst mode, whatever that maybe. I feel more confident to order the FZ20 without having it demonstrated first now. I convinced myself to wait patiently for the reviews and then buy the camera before the end of the year.

But now there is an urgent problem! I will go on windsurf holiday next thursday, I will be shooting 1000+ of pictures. Andlast weekend my old camera broke down, it looks bad and no repair options in this short term. I just have to have a camera with me. Aargh!

Now a camera that should be responsive enough (and is in stock in about every shop around) is the Minolta A2. Featurewise it's more than I'll ever need, but the zoom is only 200mm. Maybe use the digital 2xzoom feature? I don't know, I will loose resolution but maybe that's no problem at 8Mp. I have a pair of expensive SD ultra II cards but I heard I can use a converter card so I could use them in the A2.

Another option I thought about was buying a 'temporary' FZ10, but it is not possible getting it delivered (guaranteed) before thursday.

What do you guys think? Still, I think I will buy the FZ20 later but I will get huge WAF problemshaving two similar camera's (interesting thread at dpreview forums :lol.

Your input highly appreciated!


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You're going on holiday, why should I feel so sorry for you!!

The downside of the Minolta is that it has a shorter zoom - but, it has twice the pixel count of the FZ10 and nearly so of the FZ20. Using the digital zoom is not recommended - better is to take at full optical zoom and just crop later. (I think you can even do this in-camera, but not sure.) You can effectively double the size of the zoom and still have 4mp images.

Comes down to how desperate you are to have a camera on this holiday, I suppose. From the reviews I've read, the Minolta is not going to disappoint you.

Have a good trip!
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FYI http://konicaminolta.com/products/co...e-a2/10_5.html

... or something similar
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hdburnham wrote:
You can effectively double the size of the zoom and still have 4mp images.

You can't do that, you would need 4x the 4 MP (=16 MP) to do that. Nothing beats optical zoom anyway.
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Ok thanks for your responses. Got the A2 in the meantime and will wait for availability of the FZ20.

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