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For those who asked for some comparisons - this is not absolute in terms of lp/mm, simply comparitive since I didn't calculate or measure the distance to subject, simply attempted to as closely as possible match focal lengths between the two cameras. It's not as easy as it may seem because the FZ10 starts at 35mm while the FZ20 begins at 36mm.

I simply adjusted the distance so that both ran out of resolution well within the measurable and equalized the focal lengths as closely as possible. Read the EXIF files for specifics. The FZ10 ended up at 15.50 mm (actual) with the FZ20 at 15.70 mm (actual). ISO was at 50 for the FZ10 and 80 for the FZ20. Only thevertical resolution was compared with the assumption that Phil or Steve will eventually test both and give all relevant details. The FZ10 stopped down a bit more at F3.25 versus F2.8 for the FZ10. This slight difference probably equals out the small focal length difference where the FZ20 was a tad longer focal length and the FZ10 was stopped down a tiny bit more.

Don't draw any significant conclusions from this, only that as expected the FZ20 resolves more detail as it should.

Thanks to Norman Koren at http://www.normankoren.com/Tutorials/MTF5.html#Distance for the resolution charts. Visit his site for particulars and to download his charts to print if you wish.

Here are the results - fz10 on top, fz20 on bottom:


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That looks very promising Lin, thanks for sharing it!
There is a lot of green in the FZ20 pic, did you use auto WB?
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