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I'd like to agree whole-heartedly with Nick (with the exception of purple fringing, which drives me nuts - reminds me of cheap 3D shots). There is far too much information around about tiny details of noise, sharpness, compressionand whatnot. Makes it impossible to do really meaningful comparison. (And, in fact, the only meaningful comparison is to take more than one camera out and shoot the same subject, in the same conditions, with them all - just as Lin did. Thanks, by the way, we appreciate it!!)

The information a purchaser needs is first, to look at their own needs (especially whether shots will ever be printed, but also common subjects and environments), and then match the camera to those needs. It seems to me that reviewers could spend a bit more time on these angles. I think that every digicam review should end not with overall plus and minus points, but rather with who (that is, what type of photographer) would the camera suit and who would it not.

I also agree about price/performance. I find this particularly annoying in hi-fi reviews in magazines, where you get a $100 DVD player reviewed right next to a $1500. Now that's a price range! Of course, most of the people who read such reviews (and thus buy the magazine) are not prospective purchasers, they are fantasists. And price/performace ratio is just not interesting to a fantasist now is it!!

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Thanks, HD. Ultimately, I concluded that the magazines and sites like this are absolutely invaluable - to a point. They're great to learn to know what to look for, to get an education on the technology and various models. Also, they show you where the landmines are, and what models to avoid. I don't think I could ever wander into a camera (or car, or stereo, or appliance...) shop, cold, without doing a little homework first on the net. And appreciate that guys like Steve put forth the effort to maintain a site like this, and folks like Lin who share their knowledge with thoughful posts. However, as a rule, I think technology reviewers, especially of the genus "camera reviewer", completely over-emphasize fine points and nearly ignore price/performance.

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Hi Lin

can you post some night shots with lowest ISO and full 8 sec


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can you post some night shots with lowest ISO and full 8 sec

If I get a chance to get somewhere to shoot something at night :-) Unfortunately for this type shot, I live on a ranch far from anything worth shooting at night - no real city lights or scenes anywhere near me but maybe sometime this week I'll be able to get to town and give it a try. Essentially, for this type shot the FZ20 should be almost identical to the FZ10.

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Hello all... I was trying to find some information on how the camera achieves the chromatic aberration / purple fringing correction. Does anyone know? I particularly wonder if the camera:

a.) captures R, G, and B frames separately, then re-scales them individually according to aperture and zoom used, and thus re-aligns R, G, and B frames, correcting for the lens-induced misalignment of colors?


b.) does some software detection (guessing) of purple fringes and then desaturates the affected regions?

I wish Panasonic was more specific about the mechanism of CA correction. Anyway, my FZ20 just arrived with with FedEx 2 minutes ago, now it's playtime...

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I think what you are looking for is here http://panasonic.co.jp/pavc/global/l...z20/index.html
Look down and to the left for the Lumix Advantages button and click. (long load time but worth the wait.
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