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hello, at the moment i have a fz1 and as i'll sell it i have to buy a new camera.

but i'm not sure what to buy... fz10 or fz20?
the obvious answer is fz20 because it's newer and more pixels.. but other than that whats the diferences?
also anyone can explain me one thing.. the fz1 as 2megapixels and a zoom of 12x... if the fz20 has a 5megapixels and a zoom of 12x comparing it with the zf1.. i'll have a zoom of 24x?

other thing to consider is.. the fz20 is about 650 euros and the fz10 about 570 euros... i'll sell my fz1 for 300 euros

let me know your opinions and please explain me that question about the diferences in the zoom of a 5mb and 2 mb camera.

thanks in advance
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Your shot will be the same. (it will have the same extent, so looking at each, they will look the same) But you will have more pixels, so you will be able to print it larger.
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Old Sep 8, 2004, 12:43 PM   #3
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I have upgraded from a FZ1 to a FZ20. I am very happy with the FZ20. It gives me 5MP images, manual focus, manual exposure, saturation (255,255,255) highlighting, a 2" LCD, and a realtime histogram.

I just received a Yoshida 1062B 62mm stepdown adapter from Japan and with a 62mm to 55mm stepdown ring, I can use my TCON-17 and B-Macro 55mm lenses. with the FZ20 set in tele mode (locks zoom range from 6x to 12x), I don't get any vignetting (dark corners) when using the TCON-17.

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Hi, where did you get FZ20? It starts shipping at sep 21. How much did you pay for it?
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