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Assuming you're using Windows, double-click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop when the camera, with the sd card in it, is connected. The sd card looks like and functions like any other drive on your computer when it is attached regardless if you connect through the camera or the card reader. You should see something like (though the drive letters will vary based on your set-up...) A: C: D:CDROM E (and there will be a "scan disk" icon there.) Double click the E(?):sd ICON and you will see two files on the SD card, DMIC (or something like that) and an Misc file folder.

If you can see that, then open up the the file where the firmware.bin file is located and simply drag the icon to the open SD file. (Or you can also right click on the firmware.bin file, and select copy, then right click anywhere in the open file of your sd card and select paste.)

Bottom line - the SD card looks and acts just like your A: drive or C: drive on your computer when it is attached. You follow the same process you follow for copying files from C: to A: or A: to C:. There is no "special command". It acts like any other drive.

Just drag the file over to it, or use the edit, copy, paste commands.

When you're finished your sd card should look like this when you open it (its root directory):

DMIC (folder) MISC (folder) firmware.bin (file)

Don't put the firmware.bin file in any of the folders on your sd card, like misc. It needs to be in the root directory, right next to the other folders - not in one of them.

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Appreciate you taking the time to spell it out forthe computer challenged, I will attempt it again tonight armed with this new information!
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