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Fox Sep 23, 2004 7:02 PM

I sold my previous digital camera and have been looking at the Panasonic FZ camera's. I can't seem to find much info on the FZ15 and FZ20. I thought this would be an easydecision but looks like it might not be as easy as I thought. After reading many, many post I feel a bit more confused than I did before. To be honest, I think I'm going through camera withdraw and my decision making is being clouded by me wanting to get a new camera fast:?. Which Panasonic FZmodel has the best image. Is one better than another? Thanks for your time......

TCB Sep 23, 2004 9:04 PM

They all have Great image quaility. The FZ 10, 15 and 20 being the best out of the bunch....The 15 and 20 will be very close (but the 20 has 5 megapixels as the 15 has 4)....I own the FZ10 and like it very much...low ISO and the pics look great, as with any fixed lens digital, the noise gets pretty bad above ISO 100.

All in all they will all be great. Just depends what you plan on doing with the you need a hotshoe?? If not go with the FZ15...or maybe a good deal on FZ10. The FZ20 won't be much different from the FZ 10 (faster performance, 1 more mexapixel, better low focusing....that's about it really.)

Hope this helps.

Fox Sep 24, 2004 8:45 AM

Is it true about the FZ 15 having less noise than the 20? I read that it is because of it having fewer mega pixels??

I enjoy nature shot as well as shooting the family when I see that special moment. This camera looks like it is the best of the bunch in this price range, Right? While I have your ear, What memory card works best in these cameras? Something in the 256 meg area.

My wife likes having that little movie mode with sound on the camera. Does the FZ 15 offer that as well. I know the movie mode on still cameras is not great and that is why I use my video camera for videos but the wife like it so..... :roll:

zoomn Sep 24, 2004 9:35 AM

Don't forget the fz1 it still makes great pictures at a fraction of the cost.

If you lined up sharp pictures from all of the models side by side it would be very difficult to tell which was better from the others.

Here are a couple examples from the fz1. Just some sharpening post camera.

propwash Sep 24, 2004 11:32 AM

Fox wrote:

My wife likes having that little movie mode with sound on the camera. Does the FZ 15 offer that as well. I know the movie mode on still cameras is not great and that is why I use my video camera for videos but the wife like it so..... :roll:
According to the owner's manual for the FZ15, it does NOT have sound recording capability. The front and back views of the camera as shown in the manual do not show a microphone or a speaker, as they do on the FZ3 and FZ20. Page 56 of the manual says you can record motion images without video. The included accessories show a video cable, while the FZ3 and FZ20 manuals show an audio/video cable. This indicates to me that the FZ15 will not record audio along with the video.

coontie Sep 24, 2004 6:36 PM

From the FZ15K page:


The microphone allows you to record audio when using the motion and still image recording features.

CheapPhoto Sep 24, 2004 7:42 PM

Hi all, I wonder if the pixel size of the FZ15 is bigger than the FZ20, since the ccd size are the same, then the FZ15 should be able to put a bigger pixel size for 4MP. Anyone has any info on this topic. Thanks for advance!


Fox Sep 24, 2004 9:06 PM

Thanks everyone for the replies and thank you Zoomn for the beautiful pictures.

So the FZ 15 can do the video thing with audio? Can anyone confirm this? Does it come in black?

I noticed that on Panasonic's site it said that the memory card affected how fast you could take pictures. If this is so, what card do you FZ users use. Who makes the fastest card for the money? Is the Panasonic better than the rest?
Last question for tonight. Do you feel that the price of the FZ 15 & 20 will hold till Christmas go up or go down? I know things like this are hard to say. I was just looking for some other opinions.

Sorry for so many questions. I'm sure I'll have more later :?:
Have a great weekend!!

ImKayd1 Sep 25, 2004 3:09 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Killer owl picture Zoom.


I own both the fz10 and 20. I still like the 10 the best but the 20 is allowing me to get some great bird shots.

Fox Sep 25, 2004 9:57 AM

I was over at the Pana site again and was looking over the FZ15 and 20 specs. I noticed that the FZ15 has a lower ISO setting than the 20. 64 ISO for the FZ15 and 80 ISO for the FZ20. Would this mean that it has a cleaner picture when used at that setting? I am a bit new to some of these specs. Maybe someone could help me out here.

Suzan, just curious why you like the FZ10 over the 20

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